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Angling for Revolutionary History

Fishing the best bass spots on Potomac River comes with history lesson

By: Pete Robbins,

It was not the Potomac River that George Washington famously crossed as part of a surprise attack in December of 1776 – that would be the Delaware, sportsfans – but the river that winds its way through our nation’s capitol nevertheless played a critical role in the Revolutionary War and in our country’s independence.

Check out the Potomac hotspots:

You can see it in the numerous monuments that line its shores in the most important city on earth. There’s also a pretty darn good bass fishery in the Potomac, including in its D.C. reaches, but today much of the best fishing lies south of there, in Maryland and Virginia waters.

Just because you’re out of the District doesn’t mean you have to give up on your history lesson, though. In fact, there are key historical sites in view of many of the best bass fishing spots. You don’t need to leave your boat to get an education.

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