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New Gunsite Crimson Trace 250 Pistol Class (Video)


From Down Range TV

The Gunsite Academy 250 Defensive Pistol Course is known as “The Gunsite Experience”. First presented in 1976 by Colonel Jeff Cooper, 250 graduates will be well-grounded in the Modern Technique of the Pistol. For the first time ever, Gunsite will be offering Crimson Trace “laser-integrated” 250 classes that cover the use of laser sights.

These courses will cover the complete 250 doctrine while adding in the practical use of lasers. The tactical applications, benefits and limitations of visible laser sights are thoroughly covered in the course. Along with learning Gunsite doctrine in the use of pistol sights, students will also earn when, where and how to use their laser in a variety of conditions and environments. The course will include two evenings of low light shooting to allow the best conditions for laser use.

In response to inquiries from many attendees about the use and application of laser sights on their personal defensive handguns, Gunsite Training Director Dave Starin teamed up with Crimson Trace to offer this one-of-a-kind modern training experience.

“Next to holsters, the most prevalent defensive handgun accessory is the laser sight but few if any firearms instructors are developing curriculum to address these sights and even fewer know how to do that,” states respected gun writer Richard Mann, who was integral in developing this opportunity. “If you attend, you’ll get all the respected 250 Pistol Class instruction but it will come with the addition of instruction on the application and limitations of Crimson Trace laser sights.”

The laser course, as with all 250 courses, will include five solid days of range work, lectures and intensive indoor, outdoor and low light, live fire simulators.

Graduates must demonstrate marksmanship, gun handling, combat mindset, and the elements of the Combat Triad. Through Gunsite’s systematic and dynamic methodology, students will achieve confidence, competence, new skills, and best of all…peace of mind. Clients emerge stronger, more alert, and conditioned to respond instantly to any threat.

Course dates for 2014 are May 5-9 and November 3-7 and are limited to 15 students per course to ensure maximum training benefit. Both courses are led by instructors Dave Starin and Chris Weare.

Course cost is $1585. Spots are limited. Please contact Gunsite Academy for additional details.

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