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Coyote Hunting Tips

Woodward details tactics to outsmart the wily coyote

Scott Shultz, Mr. ScentBlocker, took out these three coyotes from Minnesota. (Courtesy ScentBlocker Most Wanted) Scott Shultz, Mr. ScentBlocker, took out these three coyotes from Minnesota. (Courtesy ScentBlocker Most Wanted)

By: Mike Suchan,

Larry Woodward of “ScentBlocker’s Most Wanted” offer some tips to help bring in enough pelts to make a coat like Joe Namath wore at the Super Bowl.

The Most Wanted team has recently brought down a good number of the sound dogs, but Woodward said it’s not that easy.

Bob Richardson, who the week before implored deer hunters to help alleviate the coyote problem most areas have, did his part at the Alabama Whitetail Institute when a coyote and a bobcat tried to pass his stand.

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Broadway Joe Makes Fur Fly

About the same time in Minnesota, Scott Shultz, president of ScentBlocker, had a three-dog night followed by a royal flush.

“When you have cold, snowy winters, you have predators out there and they got to eat,” Woodward said. “Up there, it’s been brutal, brutal. Scott just sits back off them and waits.”

First, Woodward said, you sweeten the pot to draw coyotes by strategically placing some bait, like a roadkill or winterkill deer. Then a predator call can work wonders.

“With a predator call, you tend to kill the young and the dumb coyotes,” Woodward said. “Those coyotes are so smart, if you ever get them in a calling situation, they won’t forget that.

“If you ever have them come in and shoot at them and don’t get them, the prospect of them ever coming in again is not good.”

Woodward said he likes to use an electronic call like the grey fox pup distress, coyote pups distress and dying rabbit sound.

“Those are the most productive for me,” he said. “Other times I’ve had luck with a dying woodpecker sound, but sick with distress.”

Scent control and setting up with the wind in mind is critical, said Woodward, who added you have to watch your back.

“Their noses are as good as anything. If they smell you, you’re not going to kill them,” Woodward said.

“Figure out wind in your face. Try to see where they’re at and set up where it’s hard for them to get behind you.

“Really set up with wind direction in mind. When we started using ScentBlocker, it works really well on coyotes, too.”

Woodward will utilize deer stands already out and a remote control predator call. He said to call for 30 minutes and if you have to move, coyotes have great hearing so you’ll have to go at least a half mile to get out of range of the last coyotes you were calling.

Private land owners who have not allowed deer hunting might be more amiable if you ask to go on their land and shoot predators.

“A lot of novice coyotes hunters do not know, if you can get permission, to hunt around cattle,” he said. “A lot of people have calves about now. And coyotes will congregate around them. They want to get in there and eat that afterbirth. Those coyotes really like it.”

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