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7 Tips to a Better Revolver

By: Ed Head, Down Range TV

The drunk was standing knee deep in the horribly polluted Tijuana River. He swigged from his bottle of liquid courage and profanely challenged a Border Patrol agent to come in and get him. There’s no reasoning with a drunk so the agent decided to convince the loco of the error of his ways with a small demonstration. Quickly drawing his .357 Magnum, the agent fired and blew the tequila bottle to pieces. As the drunk stared in disbelief at the bottle neck in his hand the agent fired two more rounds, drenching the drunk in twin columns of sewage. Calmly flicking open the cylinder and reloading, the agent asked the dripping drunk if, perhaps, he was ready to come out of the river?

This scene may or may not have played out many years ago, but, regardless, I have always been a revolver kind of guy. These days’ revolver sales are booming, so let’s see if I can offer a little wisdom on the subject.

Tip #1 - Keep it clean and lubricate sparsely. Read more

Tip #2 - Smooth trigger pull with replacement spring kits. Read more

Tip #3 - Get a grip that fits your hand. Read more

Tip #4 - Loading devices speed up job. Read more

Tip #5 - Lock thumbs for better control. Read more

Tip #6 - Set sights with touch of color. Read more

Tip #7 - Versatility in bullet shape. Read more

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