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7 Tips to a Better Revolver: Tip #4

By: Ed Head, Down Range TV

This is the fourth of seven revolver tips.

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Tip #4 - Reload It

7 Tips to a Better Revolver: Tip #4

Speed loaders are devices holding the correct amount of ammunition to recharge all the chambers at once. Ammunition for loading one round at a time can be carried in loops or pouches on the belt, or in devices called Speed Strips and Tuff Strips, these being strips of rubber material holding ammunition by the rim so it can be peeled off the strip and dropped into the chamber. Always use gravity to your advantage – when unloading, point the barrel up, and when loading point it straight down.

The most commonly used speed loaders come from HKS and Safariland, while strip loaders are available from Bianchi and Tuff Products. Leather ammunition pouches are available from many outfits including Galco Gunleather.

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