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Do You Wanna Go Fishing?


Beginning in April 2011, all new episodes of Wanna Go Fishing? will begin airing on Outdoor Channel.

Host Matt Eastman returns with all new episodes of this exciting show beginning in April 2011. Come along with Matt as he asks "do you wanna go fishing?".

Matt Eastman picks a random individual to join him on an all-expense paid fishing trip of a lifetime. While the jets and boats are standing by, the potential guest has five minutes and two phone calls to decide if he or she has "got the guts to go."

"Wanna Go Fishing?" travels to the best fishing locations (Alaska, the Caribbean, British Columbia, Gulf Of Mexico, and more) on the planet, and the journey often becomes a life changing experience for one lucky guest.

"Wanna Go Fishing?" is a two-time Emmy Award winner for Best Sports Series and Best On-Camera Talent.

Wanna Go Fishing? airs on Outdoor Channel Fridays at 9:00PM ET and Saturdays at 1:30AM ET, 7:00AM ET and 3:30PM ET.

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