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Wave Proof Your Bucket?

The Bucket Grip "saves" your 5-gallon bucket

Bucket Grip keeps your fishing bucket in one place. Bucket Grip keeps your fishing bucket in one place.

By: Bucket Grip

The Bucket Grip is a simple attachment that can be fitted on the bottom of a standard five-gallon bucket to prevent it from tipping, slipping or dripping. Made of rubber, it boasts excellent UV resistance for long life and will not mark or scratch any surfaces.

Bait buckets and cleaning supplies generally will roll in a boat with the smallest wave movement, causing a spillage of some kind. This will keep your buckets in place regardless of what Mother Nature has in mind. With waves and a rocking boat up to 30 degrees, the Bucket Grip will remain steady. The Bucket Grip also floats.


  • Bait remains safe as the bucket won’t tip, slip or drip
  • Made of non-marking, non-scratching material. It will not scuff any surfaces
  • UV resistant – long lasting and will not crack even in the sun
  • Flexible, durable and floats
  • Available in Blue and White
  • Made in the USA

For more information, please visit www.bucketgrip.com.

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