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Maintain Control of Your Firearm

It It's time we added a new rule to the cardinal Four Rules of Firearms Safety.

By: Ed Head

It rarely happens, but when we hear about a small child getting their hands on a gun and shooting someone it’s big news. The media and political exploitation of these tragedies blows them out of proportion and indoctrinates the public to believe more regulation, gun control or “common sense solutions” are the answer. It does little good for responsible gun owners to point out that the statistical probability of one of these shootings is close to non-existent, that more children drown in buckets, die in vehicle accidents or are left in hot cars to die, because our opponents and their willing accomplices in the press have seized the high moral ground with their “If it will save the life of one child…” campaign. As far as I’m concerned, I would like to see Gabby Giffords, who has raised millions with this specious argument, prove she really cares about children by doing something more productive – like focusing her efforts on the dozens of children who drown in backyard pools in her own state of Arizona each summer.

I understand we’re in a political fight with the gun control crowd and reason has nothing to do with it, so what can we do to avoid giving them ammunition to fire back at us? One thing we can do is educate gun owners about firearms safety and I think its time we added a new rule to the cardinal Four Rules of Firearms Safety...

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