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AR-Style Crossbow: Carbon Express SuperCoil


Carbon Express, a manufacturer of premium crossbolts, is introducing a new, breakthrough line of crossbows, designed to help every type of hunter shoot better.

The showstopper of the new lineup is the revolutionary Intercept series. The new Intercept isn’t just a new type of crossbow. It’s an entirely new hunting concept, featuring an exclusive, groundbreaking Picatinny platform that accommodates most military and commercial spec AR parts. So unlike other crossbows, the Intercept has unlimited potential for customization. Hunters can use the 29 inches of Picatinny rail to customize the top, forearm and stock sections. Or simply shoot it right out of the box.

Experienced hunters know that the key to replicating performance is having the right fit. The engineers at Carbon Express designed the Intercept to enable hunters to customize the length-of-pull to help deliver consistent performance and overall accuracy. In addition, the Intercept is a compact 13.5 inches axle-to-axle when cocked, making it easy to handle in tight spots like a tree stand or ground blind.

Built from the AR-inspired Intercept platform, the Intercept Supercoil has many of the same customizable fit and performance features in a more lightweight version. Carbon Express has put all of their considerable engineering expertise into designing the Intercept SuperCoil. It’s the new definition of a modern crossbow, combining the best of all worlds: unprecedented customization, devastating speed, and greater precision.

“We wanted to introduce a look, a feel and a power that would redefine the sport of crossbow hunting,” said Rob Eastman, CEO of Eastman Outdoors. “The Intercept SuperCoil offers unlimited customization, so the hunter doesn’t have to adapt to the bow. The bow adapts to the hunter. Our goal with the Intercept SuperCoil was singular: when you shoulder the weapon, it should feel like a natural extension of you. That gives hunters a new peak in performance.”

The Intercept Supercoil kit comes complete with three Maxima Hunter 20-inch crossbolts; rope cocker; quick detach three-arrow quiver with side bracket; rail lubricant; three practice points and 4x32 glass-etched reticle lighted scope.

360-plus FPS
122ft-lb kinetic energy
175lbs. draw weight
13 ½-inch power stroke
7.8 lbs weight
MSRP: $799.00

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