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Mini-9s & Range Time With New LC9s

By: Michael Bane

I’ve started working with the Ruger LC9s (here’s Ed Head’s review on DRTV), the little striker-fired 9mm and I am impressed (and, yes, Ruger is a long-time show sponsor). If you recall, several years back I did an evaluation of all the mini-9s on the markets…since then I’ve tried to keep up with what’s been added to the market.

I did come to several painfully obvious conclusions:

  • All mini-9s bark, some harder than others.
  • The delimiting factor in shooting the little 9mms is how you handle that bark.

For me, the best-shooting of the little guns was hands-down the ...

Read the rest of Michael Bane's article at http://www.downrange.tv/blog/mini-9s-and-range-time-with-the-new-lc9s/30986/.

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