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Ruger LCR .22 Magnum

A Pleasure To Shoot

By: Ed Head

Let’s face it, small, lightweight concealed carry revolvers bite at both ends. The worst of the lot are the snubbie, ultra-lightweight .357 Magnums. Charged with hot, defensive level ammunition, these little hand cannons are exceedingly uncomfortable to shoot and very difficult to shoot well. It’s hard to concentrate on sights and trigger control when you know a grenade is about to go off in your hand. Maybe it’s just me, and I should be tossed out of the manly-men clubhouse, but I’m sorry folks; I will never enjoy shooting these little monsters and don’t know anyone who does.

Most men are either in denial on this issue or are sadists; else why, when it’s time the buy the “little lady” a purse gun do husbands, boyfriends and store clerks recommend snubbie Magnums? Although more comfortable to shoot, most first-time shooters aren’t...

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