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IGFA October Hot Catches

Yellowfin tuna weighing 427 pounds among fish considered for world record status


The IGFA World Records committee has a full plate of records to review this month, including these six saltwater and three freshwater catches. 

Saltwater anglers in Australia and both coasts of the United States are certainly eager to hear word of the potential new black grouper, Atlantic snook, Pacific halibut, and southern bluefin tuna records, but one more record application may be drawing a bit more attention: Guy Yocom’s record application for the yellowfin tuna he caught off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

The bite turned on for three ambitious freshwater anglers as well. These potential world records of trahira, barramundi and bull trout are also awaiting review by the World Record committee. 

Click to image for the latest world record contenders:


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