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Baby Crush Q&A


Now that the exciting news has been announced, Tiffany answers some questions that everyone must be thinking about the on the upcoming arrival of baby Lakosky!

1. How did Tiffany break the exciting news to Lee?
I told Lee on our first night in Argentina where we were duck hunting this past July, right before we went out for an evening of tango dancing!

2. What is the oddest craving Tiffany has had while pregnant?
So far, the oddest craving has been SpaghettiOs... ironically, the same thing that my mom, Linda Profant, craved while pregnant with me!

3. How did it feel for Tiffany while hunting on their Midwest tour, knowing she was "hunting for two"?
It was awesome! We loved knowing our little bugger was growing bigger and stronger while I was out hunting! I do believe he/she brought me luck as I shot 2 bulls, an antelope and a big mule deer!

4. Are you going to find out the baby's gender or keep it a surprise?
So far we are choosing not to know what we are having but I'm not sure I can hold out! If we do find out, we'll have to have do a gender reveal on social media and our website, of course!

5. How was the experience announcing the news on your show, website and social media?
It was awesome to share such special news with everyone; from Gettin' Close to the CRUSH, everyone has been on our journey and has watched us evolve from basically getting married to getting our first dog, Tanker, then Mattie May and now our own baby. It's a very special time for us and we are very happy to share it with everyone! We are truly blessed.

Thank you, Tiffany! Stay tuned for more Baby Crush news here on the CRUSH site and on the CRUSH's social media! #BabyCrushtv

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