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ICAST 2010 - Bimini Bay Outfitters Marlin Boots


Sometimes, the greatest new products introducted at ICAST are also the simplest. Anglers want to be able to fish for long periods of time, but to also be comfortable while chasing down the fish. One of the quickest ways to get uncomfortable is to have wet or aching feet. So Bimini Bay Outfitters set out to take care of two simple tasks - keep your feet comfy and and keep them dry.

New for 2010 from Bimini Bay Outfitters are the Bimini Bay Outfitters Marlin Boots. These boots would be great for anglers and boaters looking to stay dry on deck, but also wanting comfort. These boots are made of a very light yet tough synthetic from Dupont. They come in colors of white, blue, and green.

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