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How-To Butcher Venison Backstrap into Steak (Video)

By: Julie Golob

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Interested in butchering your own deer? Processing venison can be intimidating and time consuming but if you want to give it a try without investing in specialized meat processing equipment, start with making your own steaks from the backstrap. The backstrap of a deer runs along the length of the spine from the neck to the hips and is a prime cut. It’s also pretty easy to remove with a thin, sharp knife. You can take the rest of your deer to a trusted meat processor and butcher the backstrap right in your kitchen.

Steps to Butchering Venison Backstrap

  1. Wash backstrap in cold water to remove dirt, hair and blood.

  2. Dry with paper towels.

  3. Place backstrap in large plastic bags.

  4. Age meat in refrigerator for 8-10 days.

  5. Clean and prepare counter top.

  6. Set out bowls, cutting board(s) and sharp knife.

  7. Lay out backstrap on cutting board and slice into steaks of desired thickness.

  8. Use knife to remove fat and silver skin.

  9. Sort steaks into desired portions.

  10. Prepare vacuum storage bags or butcher paper and write date and meat details on them.

  11. Package meat and store in freezer.

Here’s a quick video to show you how I process the backstrap of a whitetail doe with a couple of bowls, cutting boards and a sharp knife.

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