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Lake Trout Ice Fishing Gear

By: World Fishing Network

Lake trout love cold water, and are a great species to target when ice fishing. They can grow to an extremely large size, making them a challenge to land through the ice. Below is a list of the essential gear you need to catch these monsters from the deep.


Lake trout are usually caught over deep water, and they can be anywhere in the water column. A sonar is essential to spotting the exact depth where fish strike. It can also be useful for identifying schools of baitfish that lake trout might be feeding on.


Use an auger that has at least an 8″ blade. If you are targeting really big lakers, then use a 10″ blade. The larger hole size will make it easier to land big fish.


Ice fishing rods for catching lake trout should be 24-36″ in length. They should be medium or medium-heavy action.


Both spinning and baitcasting reels can be used when ice fishing for lake trout. Select one that has a high capacity spool. Lake trout are often in deep water, and big ones can peel off a lot of line.

Read on for more gear essentials for lake trout ice fishing!

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