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Seven Super Realistic Fishing Lures


For obvious reasons, all fishing lures are made to imitate real forage to some degree. However, some lures take the imitation game to the next level and deliver highly detailed and accurate recreations. Let’s take a look at some of these super realistic fishing lures.

Hybrid Shrimp

LIVETARGET Hybrid Shrimp

Every lure made by LIVETARGET could be included in this article. They exclusively create hyper-realistic fishing lures that are almost perfect matches to the real thing. However, the Hybrid Shrimp stands out as an especially impressive lure. It is a hard bodied bait with soft legs and antennae that is almost identical to a real shrimp.

Hybrid Shrimp

River2Sea Dragonfly Popper

River2Sea is another company that has many realistic fishing lures. The Dragonfly Popper is a faithful recreation of a dragonfly that is made into a topwater lure. It is the perfect choice for imitating a dragonfly in distress around lily pads.

Hybrid Shrimp

Megabass XPOD Jr.

The Megabass XPOD Jr. is a very unique topwater lure. It has a realistic head that features a lower lip that can open. The lip is set to different levels in order to change the action of the lure. One of the most unique things about this lure is its realistic mouth cavity and gills. Water actually travels through the mouth and out the gills when retrieved.

Read on to see more super realistic lures!

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