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Top 10 Unusual Items Eaten by Sharks

Photo Courtesy Chris Fallows Photo Courtesy Chris Fallows


Most sharks eat fish and other marine life, like seals and plankton, but a hungry shark will eat anything it can catch to survive. Have you ever wondered what strange items have been swallowed by sharks? Check out this list of the top 10 documented things found in the stomachs of sharks.

#10. Boots

Our number ten item—a pair of boots—no word if they were actually sharkskin.

#9. Musical Instruments

No pianos of course, but several instances of guitars and harmonicas—the kinds of things you might find on a boat or at a beach picnic.

#8. Tablecloth

For number eight we are reminded of the news report about the bears that broke into the Alaska lodge last winter and ate all of the kitchen linoleum, presumably because it tasted like food. That’s probably what prompted the shark who ate number eight on our countdown list—a tablecloth.

#7. Bottles of Wine

A shark was reportedly found with two bottles of vintage wine it had consumed. No word on how good the wine tasted after being found.

#6. License Plates

Car license plates—fortunately not attached to the car. Florida plates, New York Plates—those you can understand. When they’re Kansas plates is when you start scratching your head.

#5. Driver's License

Number five on our list continues the driving theme—there have actually been driver’s licenses recovered from shark stomachs.

#5a. Head of a Bulldog

The head of a bulldog. You might expect that from an alligator or crocodile but not necessarily a shark. Fido got a little too close to the edge of the boat.

#4. Barrel of Nails

A barrel of nails. Swallow that and you get that heavy feeling, followed soon by the worst case of heartburn ever.

#3. Fur Coat

A fur coat—We can’t possibly imagine how this one came about but there just can’t be anything but a bad story behind this one. Some rich lady somewhere is really angry about this.

#2. Suit of Armor

Possibly our strangest item yet: a suit of armor. That’s right, a suit of armor. Can't even think of anything else to say here.

#1. Porcupine

What could be more strange in a shark’s stomach? How about the last thing that any living thing would want to swallow. The last thing. As in a porcupine. Yes, there has been a porcupine found inside a shark. I wonder if there was any regret from the shark?

What is the most unusual thing you have ever eaten? Tell us below!

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