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Spring Turkey Hunting Guide: 15 Tips and Tactics

From preseason flock scouting to late-season strategies for crafty gobblers, this article collection will improve your chances for success

(Jeff Phillips photo) (Jeff Phillips photo)

By: OutdoorChannel.com Staff

Finding Good Ground, Learning Flock Behavior the Keys to Success1. Finding Good Ground, Learning Flock Behavior the Keys to Success

Scouting turkey flocks and tracking their movement in an area before the first hunt will pay huge dividends toward scoring a longbeard. Click here for tips.

Patterning Shotguns Matters2. Patterning Shotguns Matters

Just like reloading your own rifle cartridges, there's a specific recipe your gun will like better than others … your turkey gun is no different; there's a shotshell-choke combination it will favor. Click here for tips.

Safety First While Turkey Hunting3. Safety First While Turkey Hunting

Hunters preparing to head to the woods for turkey season should be sure to review important turkey hunting safety tips. Click here for tips.

Midday, Early Season Jelly Heads4. Midday, Early Season Jelly Heads

Be out there at dawn listening to the birds sound off on their roosts at o'dark thirty. That's part of the fun, part of the experience. Click here for tips.

Listen to Your Guide5. Listen to Your Guide

Heed the tips and advice offered by your guide when chasing crafty Eastern gobblers on unfamiliar property. Click here for tips.

Six Tips for Rainy Day Gobblers6. Six Tips for Rainy Day Gobblers

Getting to and from the hunting location may be harder than bagging a longbeard on a rainy day, especially when you heed the advice of Lynn Burkhead. Click here for tips.

Dealing with Hung-Up Turkeys in Redneckville7. Dealing with Hung-Up Turkeys in Redneckville

Long before Michael Waddell was turning on his southern charm and chasing big antlers on camera, he was a spring turkey hunter who could, and still can, make a turkey call sing better than just about anybody in the land. Click here for tips.

Top 10 Most Popular Wild Turkey Recipes

Silence of the Toms8. Silence of the Toms

Many different factors can lead to a day in which turkeys aren’t nearly as aggressive with their vocal chords or their antics. Click here for tips.

How Waddell Dances with the Stars of Spring9. How Waddell Dances with the Stars of Spring

Michael Waddell is a calling virtuoso, able to make a box call, a slate, a glass call or a mouth diaphragm call sing the siren song for many an old, gobbler each spring all over the U.S. Click here for tips.

Bows Beards and Springtime Shrinks10. Bows, Beards and Springtime Shrinks

As if hunting spring turkeys with a shotgun weren't already hard enough, I've gone and added the challenge of a bow and arrow to the equation. Click here for tips.

The Three Turkey Seasons11. The Three Turkey Seasons

Challenges and hunting options for early, middle, and late season gobbler hunting.Click here for tips.

Avoiding Catastrophic Mistakes12. Avoiding Catastrophic Mistakes

Guide George Mayfield provides lesson to stay in turkey game.Click here for tips.

Spring Turkey Myths and Methods13. Spring Turkey Myths and Methods

Turkey hunters love to tell stories of the toms they have shot and the ones that got away. Some of these stories lead to myths that we've heard and shared so often, we take them as gospel. Click here for tips.

Find Roost for Boost14. Find Roost for Boost

For Mark and Terry Drury, a turkey hunt is a process that requires more than just showing up to the woods and turning a listening ear in hopes of hearing a gobble. Click here for tips.

Five 'Heartland Bowhunter' Tips for Last-Gasp Gobblers15. Five 'Heartland Bowhunter' Tips for Last-Gasp Gobblers

Heartland Bowhunter's Michael Hunsucker has found that the end of the turkey season can be a great time to grab a couple last-minute birds. Click here for tips.

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