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The BearVault

By: By Emilie LeBeau, McClatchy-Tribune

(MCT) - The bear break-in. It's used as a joke in movies and commercials. Unwitting campers watch helplessly as a bear tears apart their campsite. But in real life, a bear in a campsite is no laughing matter.

There is camping gear meant to prevent bear break-ins. The BearVault is a bear resistant container that can hold up to seven days worth of food. Empty, it weighs just two pounds but is 700 cubic inches.

The BearVault has an extra wide opening, 38 square inches, so you won't have to dig deep for trail mix. It also has a transparent polycarbonate housing to prevent shattering if dropped or pawed by a wild animal.

The BearVault also comes with endorsements. It is approved by the Sierra Interagency Black Bear Group for use in national parks such as Yosemite and Sequoia. And it's Grizzly Bear certified by the IGBC and Black Bear certified by the SIBBG for use in the Sierras.

The full-size container is $79.95 at or call 866-576-0642.

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