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Top Ten Most Widely Used Hunting Cartridges (Part 1)

By: Cartridge Comparison Guide

With hunting just around the corner, we thought it would be beneficial and entertaining to present a Top Ten list of the most widely used hunting cartridges in North America. In addition to the list, we will provide historic background information and peak performance data for each cartridge.

Determining a true Top Ten of the 170-plus (and growing) factory available cartridges can be an extremely tough undertaking. And, depending on your region, this list may vary.

In order to establish a simple line of logic, we based the list on shear volume of sales and a “standard presence” in sporting goods stores. We want this information to be entertaining and enjoyable. Therefore, the information is not based on thousands of hours of research. However, it is intended to spark discussion, provide beneficial information and of course be entertaining and informative.

Our list of the Top Ten most widely used Hunting cartridges:

  1. .30-06 Springfield
  2. .22LR
  3. .270 Winchester
  4. .30-30 Winchester
  5. .308 Winchester
  6. .243 Winchester
  7. .22-250 Remington
  8. .300 Winchester Magnum
  9. 7mm Remington Magnum
  10. .223 Remington


.25-06 Remington

In the process of selecting what we felt were the Top Ten, we identified three other cartridges that were very close contestants. These are the .25-06 Remington, .444 Marlin and .45-70 Government.

The .25-06 Remington was particularly difficult to disqualify. We initially had a tie between the .223 Remington and the .22-250 in the Top Ten which edged out the .25-06. This was based on the number of sales and its “presence” wherever you may go. However, when the analysis is made based on what is purchased specifically for the hunting applications, the .22-250 and .223 Remington again emerged and edged out the .25-06 Remington. The .25-06 Remington would be a shoo-in if there was a top eleven.

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The Top Ten list is provided by the Cartridge Comparison Guide:

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