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Turkey Trek Vested Interest

Top 10 Items to Carry in Your Turkey Hunting Vest

By: W. H. “Chip” Gross, OutdoorChannel.com

Most veteran turkey hunters carry a basic assortment of equipment into the turkey woods each spring. The following is a list of mine.

It’s easy to overstuff your turkey hunting vest, resulting in excess weight, so using the KISS approach — keep it simple, stupid — I try to carry all the essentials but no more.

And the goal when carrying all this gear is to have it distributed in various pockets in your vest so that you move through the woods silently.

If you sound like a one-man band when you walk, you’ll very likely come home empty-handed.

So here are my 10 must-have items and three optional that can come in handy.

Photo gallery of the Top 10 must-have items

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