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Beyond the Cast on The Revolution with Jim & Trav

Featured Guests: Mark Zona, CatDaddy, Mrs. Bunny, Tim MacWelch

(Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav") (Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav")

By: The Revolution with Jim & Trav

We're going Beyond The Cast this week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network, with fresh water fishing tips, new tackle, bow fishing equipment and premiere fishing destinations throughout North America, and we've set our sights on catchin' monster bass, carp and catfish. Spring is in full swing and water temps are on the rise and now through the end of June is widely considered, by most savvy anglers, as the pinnacle time for explosive bites and big, nasty, selfie takin' hookups. So, we've carefully prepared lip rippin’ pointers and tactics that'll undoubtedly groom you and your fish squad for months of wild fishing memories that you'll never forget and certainly won't want to end. Now grab your PFD and let's hit the water.

Joining our on air fishing trip will be wild man Mark Zona from Zona’s Awesome Fishing Showseen Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. ET on Outdoor Channel plus The Bassmasters. Mark's larger than life, fun loving personality, charming charisma and sheer like-ability (all BS aside - he's truly one of the coolest damn guys you'll ever meet) draws millions of his loyal fans back to their TV screens each and every week to get die-hard fishing tips and hacks, and to replenish their severely depleted Zona levels. Mark possess an uncanny ability to teach complex precision fishing maneuvers, and tricks, with such ease and grace and hands down, bar none, there isn't one backwoods river rat or tournament king that could out smart or out fish him on the water. Mark's comprehension and infinite knowledge of all things fish is overwhelmingly impressive - like mind blown crazy. Sure, he's a huge fan of self-deprecating humor that's often directed at devaluing his own credibility as an angler, but don't be fooled folks because we'd pick him as our odds on favorite to win, time and time again, even if pitted against pros' like Kevin VanDam or Edwin Evers. Mark will canvas how he harnesses inclement weather and uses it to his advantage when fishing during springs rollercoaster of emotions and why he feels that the jig is superior to all other baits, and that it's his all-time #1 Lady Luck. He says that most anglers give up way too easy on jigs because they perceive them as being heavy and that they hate how they drag. However, Mark quips that he forced himself, over three painful, grueling days as a kid, to learn how-to properly work a jig and that he hasn't put it down ever since and never will. So, you can miss breakfast, or even work for that matter, but don't you dare miss our action packed doubleheader with the one and only, Mark Zona.

Our very own Kansas Cat Man, CatDaddy, has chummed his way into the hearts and minds of the American public with his down-home honest approach to life and his no-nonsense methods of Catfishing. CatDaddy says that never has the sport of Catfishing been more popular, and widely publicized, and that the national perception of catfish has changed to reflect them more as an outstanding game fish and less labeled as bottom feeding trash. CatDaddy shouts, "Now is the time for Bluecat madness and shad are the key ingredients that trigger the feeding frenzy." CatDaddy will analyze the present conditions and spring’s untimely side effects and how to productively target and approach your local reservoirs and streams for extreme catfishing action. CatDaddy owns and operates CatDaddy's Catfishing Adventures out of Topeka, Kansas and is heralded as Kansas' premiere catfish guide service.  So, if your current fishing life is lacking a little zest, perhaps CatDaddy's kooky and efficient way of fishing is just the pep you're needing.

Mrs. Bunny is an All-American dream girl and the envy of all outdoorsman. She'll make you laugh, can think for herself, and her ideal family vacation involves camping and a full stringer of fish. So, Mrs. Bunny has mapped out the perfect family summer getaway and she's carefully selected her personal top-5 family friendly outdoor destinations that'll surely impress and accommodate everyone's wants and needs. She’ll then switch gears and talk bow fishing. Anyone can take a crack at this action packed water archery sport, all you need are the basics to get started and Mrs. Bunny has the dish on the bow fishing essentials you’ll need to get out on the water and start taking down carp.

The Revolution's resident survival expert, dear friend and 9-Time Revolution Thumb Wrestling Champ, Tim MacWelch, will pave the way and dish the skinny on all things DIY primitive with a first-rate crash course on rudimentary fish traps made out of castoff materials or from all-natural organic vegetation. Tim says that you shouldn't strive to simply make it through a survival situation, but to rather thrive and prosper no matter how perilous your present time and conditions may be or seem. Tim's Key Factoids: Don't treat calories as a negative and don't exert/expend too much energy when trapping, hunting, or gathering - in a survival situation. Think logically and devise a plan to increase your calorie intake by consuming nutritious wild berries, fresh fish, wild game etc. Always be on the lookout for others trash and how it could benefit you down the road. An empty two liter pop jug or 20 ounce bottle can easily be redesigned and crafted into a handy fish trap that could reasonably feed you for an eternity if done right and Tim will explain how it's done in this week's survival installment. For more on Tim or to find out about his survival classes visit Tim is also Outdoor Life's Survival Blogger and you can check that out at and he now teaches online survival classes at

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 5/5/2016

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