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Self-Defense Tips and Training from 'The Best Defense'

The hosts of 'The Best Defense' have years of experience training people in firearm, knife, and unhanded self-defense, and look to share that knowledge in order to keep people safe

By: The Best Defense

1. A Field Gun Recommendation
What is a “perfect packing pistol” (PPP) to carry when hiking out in woods? Michael talks about his 2-inch round-butt Ruger Redhawk.

2. Office Defense Strategies
In The Best Defense video “Tactics to Help You Survive an Active Shooter Situation”, we looked at different scenarios where an individual decided to take down his previous colleagues. In this video, Michael Janich goes through some of the considerations and steps you can take to prepare yourself for a similar situation.

3. Contact-Distance Weapon Techniques
Mike Seeklander and Michael Janich demonstrate empty hand and knife techniques in a contact distance defense.

4. Understanding Wall Penetration in a Home
If you fire a gun inside your home, how far will certain bullets penetrate into other rooms?

5. Flashlight Techniques to Improve Your Self Defense
Michael Janich and Mike Seeklander take you through the use of a hand held flashlight with or without a handgun in a self-defense situation.

6. Using a Firearm as a Striking Weapon
There are situations where shooting an assailant is not an option such as in crowded areas where innocent bystanders can be hit. Mike Seeklander shows you how to use the firearm as a striking object.

7. Setting Up a Baby Stroller for Self Defense
How to select and set up a baby stroller for self-defense. The goal is to always make your weapon system easily accessible.

8. Home-Defense AR Training Tips
In The Best Defense video "Have a Plan If Someone Is Trailing You Home", you saw Mike Seeklander use an AR defending his home and family from intruders. Here is the complete training segment to show how to prep and train for this situation.

9. The Punch and Cut Knife Tactic
There are situations where a knife is your only self-defense tool. Michael Janich talks about using a knife when you become a victim of multiple attacks.

10. Using a Weapon Mounted Light
Mike Seeklander gives you some tips on the use of and training with weapon lights.

11. Self-Defense Tips for the Elderly and Disabled
When criminals look for victims, they look for the weakest they can find. If you are disabled or elderly, you are more than twice as likely to be targeted then if you’re able-bodied. However, not being optimal, does not mean you can’t respond optimally.

12. Air Guns and Their Usefulness in a Disaster Situation
Michael Janich of The Best Defense talks about various air guns that and their usefulness during different disaster scenarios.

13. Practice One-Handed Shooting
Rob Pincus and Michael Janich show you practice drills for one-handed shooting.

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