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Dry Fire Training - the 2 x 2 x 2 Drill

Shooting drills that reinforce fundamentals can be done dry and will save you money

(Photo courtesy of Down Range TV) (Photo courtesy of Down Range TV)

By: Dave Spaulding

The price of ammunition has doubled since I retired from law enforcement and while the supply shortage has ebbed, the price has not receded and I doubt it ever will. Because of this, I remain a supporter of dry fire training as many combative pistol skills can be mastered without ever firing a shot. That said, the most essential of fundamental skills requires live fire and for most of us, a lot of it! Trigger control is the separation of the index finger from the rest of the hand. It is in direct contradiction to how the hand is designed to work which is four fingers working together in opposition to the thumb. We perform functions using the hand like this hundreds, if not thousands, of times a day which makes isolating the index finger while depressing the trigger all the more challenging.

Because ammunition is a costly commodity, I am a fan of drills that reinforce the fundamentals while using a minimal number of rounds. Well known drills like Jeff Cooper’s El Presidente’, Bill Roger’s Bill Drill and Todd Green’s F.A.S.T. are excellent examples of what I am talking about. I shoot these drills during my training sessions as a way to determine where I am lacking and if it is not a trigger or recoil control problem, I will work on it dry. One of my favorite drills is not well known but remains a challenge even though I have shot it for years. I was first introduced to this drill while attending John Shaw’s Mid-South Institute for Self Defense Shooting in the 1990’s. I was talking to a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces and he told me the drill was used as a way to get unit members to keep their pistol skills sharp.

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