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Habitat Management

Featured Guests: Junie James, Jake Urban, Lee & Tiffany Lakosky

(Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav") (Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav")

By: The Revolution with Jim & Trav

This week on The Revolution with Jim and Trav presented by Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network and MyOutdoorTV, we'll examine Habitat Management. If you currently farm, own, lease, or if you're just now in the market to stake your claim and purchase some hunting property with the sole intent to manage it for wildlife, then stay tuned because we've got the 411 on how to turn your parcel of undesirable ground into a big buck nirvana. From prescribed fire to timber stand improvement, invasive plants and weeds, food plots and down to trail camera's and thermal imaging we've got the nitty gritty fully covered. Our highly skilled conservation panel includes: Lee and Tiffany Lakosky of CRUSH with Lee & Tiffany - they'll be hanging around for an exclusive three-part interview. Plus, Junie James from Just Junie, Jake Urban of Backcountry Rescue and, finally, Yamaha’s ATV and Side-by-Side group marketing manager, Steve Nessl.

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky are respected industry leaders when it comes to whitetail management and hunting. Much of their success can be attributed to their year-round, tireless efforts when it comes to managing and maintaining their land. Lee says now is the time to get out and start working on projects to improve your land. “We’re here 365 days a year, watching them and doing so much work on these farms. I don’t know if people really realize the work that goes into it.” While food plots are certainly a part of their management strategy, improving the overall habitat to create a well-rounded property is a high priority for them. Lee says that grass is just as important as timber when it comes to cover. When it’s cold deer lay in the tall grass where they feel like they are in cover, but can still get the full sun. Lee and Tiffany use prescribed burning as a tool, annually, to improve those grass stands. They also use Timber Stand Management (TSI) to improve the wooded areas of their properties. By thinning out trees and canopies to allow more sun to get through, hinging trees to create more cover, and dense brush, and eliminating problem species they can create a more wildlife and hunter friendly stand. Weeds are the nemesis of any farmer or food plot manager and a fairly mild winter in the Midwest means that weeds and vegetation will be coming on soon, if they haven’t already. Lee says aggressive treatment of weeds from the start can make things a little easier later on. “The work you do now is so important for what takes place during hunting season. It’s not like you blow the dust off your bow October 1st and go sit out in the stand and expect to see great deer.”

They’ll also discuss Lee’s giant Kodiak brown bear that is pending as #5 in the world and why he chose to go with an outfitter that let him have a true archery experience without a mandatory follow up shot. Then Tiffany will discuss the women’s movement across the country and why those women don’t speak for her. As a standout in the industry, Tiffany says that women definitely have a place here. She encourages other women to use their skills and prove themselves as legitimate outdoors women. “There’s more women out there now doing great things that were never there when I started hunting. I think it’s awesome. If you can prove yourself as an outdoor person, I’m not going to say huntress or hunter, you’ve got to be able to back up your game. If so, I think there is definitely a place for you out there.”

Listen to The Revolution with Jim & Trav for the full 3-part interview as Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, hosts of Crush with Lee & Tiffany on Outdoor Channel, join Jim and Trav to talk about habitat management and more!

Wyoming is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. More than 3 million people visit the Jackson, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park areas each year. Wide open spaces, varying terrain, hunting, fishing and plenty of opportunities for adventure seekers, it’s all available here. However, mother nature isn’t always kind and accidents do happen while we are in the great outdoors and that is why the Teton County Search and Rescue (TCSAR) team is always on call. TCSAR handles nearly 100 rescues each year with the help of their highly skilled volunteers. The team is made up of law enforcement, specially-trained wilderness EMTs, and seasoned rescue volunteers. They are bankers and ER docs, moms and dads who drop what they are doing and risk their lives - to help others out of danger. You can watch the team in action on Backcountry Rescue on Outdoor Channel as they respond to calls of avalanches taking down skiers, grizzly bears mauling hikers, kayakers pinned under boulders in a rushing river and much more. Tune in this week as Jake Urban, Deputy Director of TCSAR, joins Jim and Trav to talk about what the team faces as they head into treacherous situations to rescue others. “We work in a tremendous amount of avalanche terrain. One of my primary roles is to evaluate terrain and snowpack and help team members understand what those hazards are.” Jake tells Jim and Trav that there are a lot of things that can lead to an emergency situation – people may be unprepared or over confident in their abilities, acts of nature and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, sudden weather events, or human error. “I’ve seen experts who are conscious of their environment make trip up mistakes that don’t seem possible. But it’s simply because they’re too comfortable in their environment.” Regardless of the reason, Jake says this is their role and that’s why TCSAR is always on call, to help those in need. Tune in for more about this fantastic series, Backcountry Rescue, on Outdoor Channel and more about Jake Urban.

Junie James a motivated single mom, raising her two boys with a passion for the outdoors. Junie is the host of Just Junie on Sportsman Channel where she travels the country and abroad looking to put her own food on her family’s table. Junie takes viewers on a ride and along the way is trying to redefine the perception of women hunters and show just how capable they are. As a skilled archer, a deadly marksman, and a huntress willing to do whatever it takes to put an animal in the back of the truck, Just Junie provides a great balance of fast-paced lifestyle entertainment with the traditional plot of a get-it-done outdoor television show. Tune in to The Revolution with Jim & Trav this week as Junie discusses doe management, feral hog and predator hunting, as well as her desire to hunt the American buffalo. Then she’ll switch gears and talk about raising her young sons and setting a good example for them. Junie also encourages people thinking about getting into outdoor sports to jump in. “Don’t feel intimidated, get out there and try. Don’t feel stupid. Put yourself out there. A lot of women feel intimidated because they feel like it’s a man’s sport – and it’s not. They can get out there and do it just the same.” Don’t miss Junie James this week on The Revolution with Jim & Trav.

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 2/16/17

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