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13 of the Best Venison Sausage Recipes

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and appetizers... we got you covered! Enjoy the taste of the outdoors with these venison sausage recipes, sure to satisfy family and friends

(Photo courtesy of MissHomemade.com) (Photo courtesy of MissHomemade.com)

By: OutdoorChannel.com Staff

1. Venison Bratwurst Recipe from Scratch

A Saturday kill turned into a perfect game-day meal, this venison bratwurst is perfect for any tailgate or home grill. Click here for recipe.

2. Italian Venison and Bacon Sausage Recipe

Venison sausage recipe with an Italian kick. Click here for recipe.

3. Smoked Venison Sausage Recipe

There are two ways to smoke these venison sausages, in the oven or in a smoker. Click here for recipe.

4. Venison Sausage Bread

Stuffed with cheese and deliciously seasoned venison, this sausage bread recipe from Crush with Lee & Tiffany will have you drooling. Click here for recipe.

5. Easy Venison Summer Sausage Recipe

Making summer sausage is a perfect way to enjoy some tasty venison. Click here for recipe.

6. Homemade Venison and Pork Sausage Recipe

It doesn't matter if you use a sausage stuffer or make patties, this sausage recipe is great. Click here for recipe.

7. Venison Jalapeno-Cheddar Summer Sausage Recipe

Add some variation to your summer venison recipes with some spice. Click here for recipe.

8. Venison Sausage Patties Recipe

A great, wild addition to any breakfast, you won't believe the flavor in this venison sausage patty recipe. Click here for recipe.

9. Venison Sausage Egg Muffins

Mornings can be hectic, so slow things down with this easy (and delicious) muffin. Click here for recipe.

10. Venison Sausage Penne Pasta

Pasta la vista baby! Whip up this recipe from Crush with Lee & Tiffany, perfect for any night of the week. So good, you'll definitely want to make enough for leftovers. Click here for recipe.

11. Mushrooms Stuffed with Italian Venison Sausage

Don’t overlook venison for appetizers; give this very simple, three-ingredient recipe a try for venison beginners. Click here for recipe.

12. Hot Italian Venison Sausage Recipe

Italian venison sausage goes perfect with breakfast or as a topping on your favorite pizza. Click here for recipe.

13. Venison & Egg Breakfast Bake

After making this for "Breakfast with Tiffany" for Outdoor Channel, fans couldn't get enough of Tiffany Lakosky's creative and delicious recipes! Start your day off right with this Crush with Lee & Tiffanyinspired recipe. Click here for recipe.

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