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10 Memorial Day Recipes for Your Outdoor BBQ

Celebrate the start of summer with great food for your backyard BBQ or picnic with these outdoor recipes

Grilled chimichurri elk venison steak (Nevada Foodies photo) Grilled chimichurri elk venison steak (Nevada Foodies photo)

By: OutdoorChannel.com Staff

1. Old Fashioned Lemonade

Refreshing and delicious! Who doesn't love a cold glass of lemonade on a hot day? Click here for recipe.

2. Pork Chili Dip

An easy crowd pleaser, this simple dip recipe is a Lee & Tiffany favorite. Click here for recipe.

3. Cooler Corn on the Cob

If any of you are campers, I'm sure you have already made cooler corn. If not, you are going to learn how - right now. Click here for recipe.

4. Cheesy Potatoes and Venison Patty Pockets

Adults and kids alike go crazy for these cheesy potatoes and venison patty pockets. Click here for recipe.

5. Grilled Venison Steak and Bacon Recipe

We all know venison is tasty on its own, but everything is better wrapped in bacon. Click here for recipe.

6. Italian-Style Grilled Elk Steak

We are headed to Italy with this simple grilled elk steak recipe. Click here for recipe.

7. Jalapeño Blue Cheese Venison Burgers

Add some variation to those basic summer burgers with some spice. Click here for recipe.

8. Venison Garlic Bacon Burgers

There’s nothing like a juicy venison burger loaded up with thick bacon, melted cheddar cheese and a crisp onion smothered in barbeque sauce. Click here for recipe.

9. Grilled Chimichurri Elk Venison Steak

This chimichurri marinade is easy to make and works well on most venison, including elk and antelope. Click here for recipe.

10. Foraged Blueberry Bread Pudding

This unique blueberry bread pudding recipe is easy to prepare and super delicious to eat. Click here for recipe.

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