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Quality Rimfire Suppressor: Sig Sauer SRD22X

Shooting enthusiasts, rejoice, because gun-making powerhouse Sig Sauer has brought to market a lightweight titanium suppressor for rimfire firearms

Sig Sauer SRD22X Rimfire Suppressor (Photo courtesy of Sig Sauer) Sig Sauer SRD22X Rimfire Suppressor (Photo courtesy of Sig Sauer)

By: Outdoor Sportsman Group Staff

The new Sig Sauer SRD22X muzzle-blast suppressor brings lightweight yet rugged noise-level reduction to the popular rimfire shooting market.

The SRD22X suppressor, made with Grade 9 titanium for the outer tube and 17-4 stainless steel baffles on the inside, is a thread-on product, bringing top noise reduction to rimfire rifles and pistols.

Sig Sauer says the product works well with both .22 LR pistols and rifles, but also works with rifles chambered in .17 HMR, .17 Mach II and .22 Magnum.

Coming with a ½-28 direct-thread mount, the suppressor checks in with a diameter of 1.0 inches (25 mm) and a weight of 5.1 ounces (144 g). Fans of Sig Sauer products might note that the SRD22X reduces both diameter size and weight from its predecessor, the SRD22 (which was 1.25 inches in diameter along with a weight of 7.7 ounces).

Thanks to the baffle design, shooters should be able to fire a big number of rounds through the new suppressor between cleanings. When it comes time to perform such maintenance work, the SRD22X is very user friendly, making cleaning chores a relative breeze.

Constructed of titanium and stainless steel, this product is stout yet lightweight, giving it the ability to turn an afternoon round of rimfire shooting at either the local gun range or out on the back-forty into a reasonably quiet day of plinking fun.

Notable Specifications:

  • Grade 9 titanium outer tube
  • 17-4 stainless steel baffles
  • Lightweight yet highly durable
  • Useable in .22 LR pistols and rifles chambered in .17HMR, .17 Mach II and .22 Magnum
  • Weighs 5.1 ounces (144 g)
  • Diameter of 1.0 inch (25 mm)
  • Overall length of 5.8 inches (147 mm)
  • ½-28 direct thread attachment
  • M9x.75 rear mount available
  • Fully user serviceable

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