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Goodies for Walkers, Runners

By: Valerie Nahmad, McClatchy Newspapers

(MCT) - The sun is shining, temperatures are perfect and daylight is starting to creep back into the day. It's time to hit the running (or walking) trails. Here are two new products to get you started.

Newton Running's Cure Distance Shoes, $160 at, are designed to help users run more efficiently with less muscle fatigue. Using technology inspired by Isaac Newton's elemental law of motion, the lightweight shoes are said to absorb impact energy and use it to propel runners forward. The shoes are also said to provide flexibility in the mid-foot region and mimic barefoot running. Extra bonus: invest in a pink pair and Newton Running will donate $10 to support prostate cancer research.

Sportline's ThinQ Pedometer, $29.99 at, is billed as the ''world's thinnest pocket pedometer.'' Available in orange, green or blue, the credit card-sized device fits easily (and subtly) in a front or back pocket and tracks steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned. Track your way to 10,000 steps without anyone noticing. Counting your steps is surprisingly motivational and oddly addicting. 

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