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Look for Quality in a Sleeping Bag

By: Chuck Myers, McClatchy-Tribune

(MCT) - While sleeping bags generally offer protection from cool night air, the degree of comfort you have in your bag may depend strongly on its construction, material and insulation.

The Coleman Company, which specializes in camping and outdoors equipment, offers the following guidelines for consumers to consider when shopping for a sleeping bag.

Cover material: Nylon is lightweight and easy to carry. Ripstop provides the best durability. Cotton is rugged too, but makes the sleeping bag a bit heavier.

Liner material: Nylon is lightweight and durable but doesn't feel as warm against your skin. Cotton flannel is soft, warm and durable and feels good against your skin. Cotton bi-blend isn't as warm as flannel but feels more like a bed sheet.

Insulation: Synthetic nylon or polyester is common insulation materials. High-quality insulation material usually provides greater warmth and loft with less weight than less-expensive varieties. Down bags offer good warmth and are lightweight. But they are also more difficult to maintain than synthetic-made sleeping bags.

Zippers: A strong nylon zipper should slide easily and allow rectangular bags to open flat. A zipper guard is also a beneficial feature that prevents fabric from catching in the zipper

Construction: A quilted sleeping bag will help keep insulation stays in place and won't lump up or shift. Also check if the bag can be laundered in a commercial washing machine.

Source: The Coleman Company


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