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The ASW LANDMASTER Crew Hybrid has two separate drive systems, a 48V electric front wheel drive and a 653cc gasoline and a V-Twin Subaru rear wheel drive. Cruise in silent front wheel drive, use the gas engine for powerful rear wheel drive or, when the workload or terrain demands, use both for ultra responsive four-wheel drive! And, as an added bonus, you can actually recharge your batteries while in gas drive mode for extended electric range.

So, if you haven’t been able to decide between a quiet, versatile and easy to use electric, and a powerful, reliable gas model for the more heavy-duty jobs, the American SportWorks Crew Hybrid will fill both niches and complete everyone’s 2011 UTV wish lists.

American SportWorks has been distributing and manufacturing on and off –road vehicles since 1967. The LANDMASTER brand is a full line of Utility Vehicles, ranging from 150cc “Light Utility Vehicles” to mid-size 2WD and 4WD models all the way to 4-seater crew vehicles with optional 6-seat configurations. And now, the first UTV Hybrid crew has been added to this proven line.

Please visit our web site at for specifications and demonstration videos of this breakthrough new product. For additional information or dealership opportunities, call 800-643-7332 x304 or x315 or email us at

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