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(MCT) - Stranded characters are always so brave in movies. They survive on their wits and the company of a loyal dog, the type to chase away bears.

In reality, you would dry heave if stranded on a mountain. Perhaps it's better to rely on technology to save you from trouble.

SPOT Messenger uses satellite technology and works in places where cell phones can't find a signal. Weighing just seven ounces, SPOT has several levels of messages to send. The most severe, Alert 9-1-1, sends messages to emergency responders, giving them your exact location. The message is repeated every five minutes until canceled or power is depleted.

The second level is Ask for Help and sends a message to your family and friends with your exact location. It sends one message every five minutes until canceled or power is depleted.

The third level is Check In and lets contacts know you are safe. SPOT can also be used to Track Progress by allowing your contacts to follow your location on maps.

SPOT's battery can last seven days in 9-1-1 mode. Simply turned on, the battery can last up to one year. It is also waterproof up to one meter or 30 minutes and it can float. SPOT is also humidity and salt fog rated; and it can be dropped twice on all six sides from one meter onto a hard surface.

Suggested retail price is $169.99. Available at Bass Pro Outdoor World, Wolf Camera or REI stores.

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