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Coastal Casting on The Revolution with Jim & Trav

Featured Guests: Jeff Kriet, Carl Phillips, Carter Andrews, Rob Fordyce

(Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav") (Photo courtesy of "The Revolution with Jim & Trav")

By: The Revolution with Jim & Trav

For many anglers, fishing enables them to unplug and recharge from the daily grind of everyday life and their daunting responsibilities.  But for others, it's an obsession and something they refuse to take lightly.  So, whether you're an angler that's merely in search of fun and the occasional hookup, or a die-hard that's out for blood, this week’s broadcast of The Revolution with Jim and Trav presented by Outdoor ChannelSportsman Channel and World Fishing Network, is guaranteed captivate your fishing attention and to quite possibly expand your love of all things angling.  Don't just sit there, grab your PFD's, shades and sunblock, because we're headed for the coast to rip some lips and to let the currents lead us to bigger fish and better times.

Jeff Kriet, or “Squirrel” as he is sometimes referred to, is a Professional Bass fisherman and angler competing in Jack Link’s Major League Fishing Cups on Outdoor Channel. Jeff joins Jim and Trav this week to talk about how he splits his time on the water between bass fishing and his other passion, offshore fishing. In order to support his love for offshore fishing, Jeff competes at a high level in his professional bass fishing career. He says he believes bass fisherman are some of the best fisherman on the water. They fish at a high intensity level all the time and they play to win. Simply going through the motions and hoping to catch a fish isn’t enough, they work constantly to produce the results they get. Jeff talks about the stress that comes with fishing in Jack Link’s Major League Fishing Cups and says that it has given him more than a few gray hairs. He says that bass fishing tends to be an individual sport: he travels by himself, practices by himself and competes in tournaments by himself. In contrast, when he heads offshore to compete in marlin tournaments he has a crew of 5 men, and while it can be stressful it incorporates more people and has a tendency to be more fun. Jeff talks about his pride and joy, a 37 Freeman powered by four Yamaha outboard motors that he takes out in search of marlin, yellowfin tuna and more. He says that offshore tournaments are high stakes with hefty entry fees and but if you play by the rules the payout can be more than $1 million.

Carl Phillips is the Senior Product Planning Manager for the all-new 2016 Nissan TITAN and he's phoned in with exciting news and to dish on how the Nissan TITAN XD is challenging the status quo in the full-size pickup segment in North America. Carl, and the entire Nissan team, set out to shake up the mundane full-size offering of trucks in America and that's exactly what they did with the TITAN XD's bold design, and exceptional capabilities.  Ultimately, what Nissan created with the brand-new TITAN XD, is a powerful precision tool for hard working, hard playing buyers that refuse to accept anything other than sheer perfection at an affordable price.  The 2016 Nissan TITAN XD is available in five well-equipped trim levels – S, SV, PRO-4X, SL and Platinum Reserve.  All are offered with a choice of 4x2 or 4x4 drive configurations, except for the PRO-4X model, which is available exclusively as a 4x4.  The TITAN XD is anchored by a powerful, fuel-efficient, Cummins® 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel rated at 310 horsepower and a hefty 555 lb-ft of torque. The Cummins diesel is the first commercial application of the new Cummins M2 two-stage turbo system, which helps reduce traditional turbo-lag through precision balancing between high-pressure and low-pressure turbos.  The patented Rotary Turbine Control provides solid performance across the powerband and manages exhaust gas temperatures.  Helping handle the power and torque of the engine is a heavy-duty 6-speed Aisin A466ND automatic transmission developed and tuned exclusively for the TITAN XD.  The Nissan TITAN XD has a maximum towing capacity of 12,314 pounds and maximum payload capacity of 2,091 pounds (when properly equipped) and can handle any chore, with ease, that a die-hard hunter would ever throw at it.  The 2016 Nissan TITAN XD is assembled in Canton, Mississippi, with engines assembled in Indiana and Tennessee (5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel and gasoline V8 and V6 respectively).

Carter Andrews’ life passion and obsession is fishing. He is a renowned angler and guide, the host of The Obsession of Carter Andrews and is a competitor on Madfin Shark Series on Outdoor Channel. This week Carter phones in to talk shark fishing. The Madfin Shark Series is a catch and release short competition that pits two teams from Key West, Florida against two challenging teams from Venice, Louisiana. Carter says all of the different species of sharks that can be caught in these two bodies of water make it a very exciting competition. Carter has competed in the Madfin five times and brought home 3 wins. He’ll talk about his talented partner, “The King of Key West”, RT Trosset. He’s an inductee to the IGFA Hall-of-Fame, runs charters out of Key West and his no stranger to sharks. Together they target sharks, catch up to 3 of each species then move to another species, all the while racking up points for first shark of the day, biggest shark of the day and bonus points for getting the hook back. When he’s not in the throes of competition, Carter is traveling the globe fishing and filming his adventures for The Obsession of Carter AndrewsThe show focuses on offshore and coastal fishing in the U.S. as well as abroad. Carter talks about the different species he pursues as well as using both fly fishing and conventional fishing methods. In addition, he’ll talk about his favorite species of shark to target, the implications of a declining shark population in our oceans, and how he caught a barramundi fishing in a pond in Florida.

Rob Fordyce from The Seahunter on Outdoor Channel, has been a professional guide for the last 27 years and was nominated in 2014, as one of the top 50 fishing captains in the world.  He also plays an advisory role and consultant for Yeti Coolers, TFO Rods, Seahunter Boats, Maverick Boats, Raymarine, Fin-nor/Quantum and Under Armour.  Rob calls in to discuss all things inshore and offshore fishing and the specific tackle, fishing techniques and physical requirements it takes to not only make it back to shore, but to hook and land some oceanic monsters.  Rob's understanding of offshore fish, their behavioral patterns and what triggers them to strike, is what's garnered him the attention and praise of being a master guide and angler. In addition, his ability connect with and teach his clientele/pupils, is commendable.  Rob will touch on his key three ingredients for success: endurance, persistence and casting precision accuracy.  Rob explains that without stamina and the physical ability to endure turbulent waters, standing all day and the capability of fighting behemoth fish, an angler won't ever succeed.  And if that angler isn't packing a can-do positive attitude with an "in it to win it" mentality, he or she should never leave solid ground.  Finally, Rob says, that all the hype of long distance casting is over-rated, and that being proficient enough to cast at and hit a pie-plate sized target at 30 yards, consistently, is where the magic truly lies.

The Revolution with Jim & Trav - 5/19/2016

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