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National Forest Foundation

National Forest Foundation  

Bill Possiel, President


National Forests and Grasslands provide Americans with 193-million spectacular acres of wildlands.

* 9,126 miles of scenic byways to drive
* 133,087 miles of trails to hike
* 4,418 miles of wild and scenic rivers to float
* 4,300 campgrounds in which to pitch our tents
* And 328 natural pools to swim in

All this and the chance to see elk and bear, ducks and deer, trout and trees, thousands of species of plants and animals, and billions of stars in a midnight sky.

Founded by Congress in 1991, the National Forest Foundation works with the U.S. Forest Service to care for these natural treasures for the millions of visitors they receive each year and for you, and those who come after you.

The National Forest Foundation brings people together to restore and enhance our National Forests and Grasslands. As the nonprofit partner of the U.S. Forest Service, we engage America in community-based and national programs that promote the health and public enjoyment of the National Forest System. We also administer private gifts of funds and land for the benefit of the National Forests.

In helping the U.S. Forest Service fulfill its mission to "care for the land and serve people," we work in close collaboration with local people and communities. We believe that communities should play a leading role in determining the future of the 193 million acres that make up our National Forests and Grasslands.

To learn more about the National Forest Foundation, visit the Mission & Values and Programs and Initiatives part of our site and read about our programs.

Also, to learn more about the dedicated people responsible for the National Forest Foundation please visit the Board of Directors, National Forest Leadership Council, and staff pages of this site.


The National Forest Foundation works with the U.S. Forest Service to support forest restoration on the National Forests where wildfire, insect or disease outbreaks, or storm events have caused mortality at a scale large enough to require artificial regeneration to restore the forest. Our goal is to restore the natural diversity of tree species that existed prior to the event. In so doing we are able to restore the full range of ecosystem services that healthy forests provide.

Today the Forest Service estimates that 2 million acres of National Forest are in need of restoration. Unfortunately, global climate change, drought, and exclusion of fire from these forests have combined to increase the need for restoration on the National Forests. The NFF is working with the Forest Service to identify the National Forests where the ecological need is the greatest and we are concentrating our attention there. Planting trees rebuilds healthy wildlife habitat, protects critical watersheds, enhances recreation experiences, and helps address global warming.


* San Bernardino National Forest, the Butler II burn.
* Plumas National Forest, the Moonlight fire.
* Huron-Manistee National Forest, Kirtland Warbler nesting habitat restoration.
* Ocala National Forest, longleaf pine restoration

For every $1 you give to the National Forest Foundation's tree-planting fund, we will plant one tree on a National Forest.