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Technical Information

Satellite Information

Satellite: Galaxy 18
Transponder: 24
Orbit Location: 123° W

Cisco PowerVu IRD setup

C-Band Frequency: 4.1755 GHz
L-Band Frequency: 974.5 MHz
Downlink Frequency: 4.1755 GHz
LO Frequency: 5.150 GHz
Polarity: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 20.000 Msymbols
Network ID: 1
FEC Rate: 5/6

Virtual Channel Assignments

Channel 1 - Outdoor Channel SD (MPEG audio): 4.3 Mbps/128 Kbps
Channel 5 - Outdoor Channel SD (AC3 audio): 4.3 Mbps/128 Kbps
Channel 20 - Outdoor Channel HD (AC3 audio): 17.5 Mbps/192 Kbps

Cisco PowerVu Digital Carrier Parameters

Service / PID Map
Outdoor Channel SD
Video: 1160
MPEG Audio 1: 1120
MPEG Audio 2: 1122
AC3 Audio: 1124
DPI: 130

Outdoor Channel HD
Video: 1660
AC3 Audio: 1620
DPI: 430

Cue Tones/Triggers
Pre-roll: 8 seconds
Tones - Start: 345*
DPI Triggers available (see PIDs above)

Simply connect the Galaxy 18 (Horizontal) feed to the Satellite/RF input on the IRD. The service can be received by several of Cisco IRD's. The parameters outlined above can be entered through the installer menu or receiver setup menu. Enter the correct L-band frequency, symbol rate, FEC rate, and LO frequency as listed above.

Note: For 9223 and 9230 IRD's, Audio Channel 1 L/R is the main program audio (stereo). Audio Channel 2 L - will provide cue tones and R - will provide mono audio. If a mono audio output is needed, slide the MO/ST selector switch on the back of the IRD to ST to prevent the cue tone being mixed with the mono audio channel.

Cisco Tech Support - (888) 949-4786 option 2

Outdoor Channel Tech Support - (303) 925-2812


Outdoor Channel Cisco PowerVu Digital Carrier Parameters
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