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pleasure with what I do for a living. So
the response has been great. On to
Season 4 is my feeling.
Michael: You may be changing guns
on “Criminal Minds.” Can you talk to
that at this point?
Joe: My gun of choice for my character
is a government model 1911, because
I felt that’s what my guy would carry
a guy who had been around a bit,
had some military experience, been
in Vietnam. So I’ve been carrying a
Springfield Armory, but recently had
Cabot Arms, out of Pennsylvania, make
me a gun reminiscent of a gun that
my character, David Rossi, would carry
their version of a 1911. Cabot makes
a wonderful version of that gun, and I
think it’s going to have some special
engraving on it. It’s not going to say
Joe Mantegna, but it might say David
Rossi on there somewhere. It might
have some significance in terms of my
character. So again, we do a show that
represents a real organization, the FBI.
So I think the more you can bring in
real stories and real things and to tell
back stories for the characters, I think it
enhances the show.
Michael: That’s good. One last
question. Last night we ate at your
restaurant. When people think of
what a star’s restaurant is like, they
think swanky and everything, is that
how you think of your restaurant?
Joe: I don’t know if they’ve used the
word “swanky” for Taste Chicago. But
it is what it is, which is a very authentic
Chicago-style restaurant. It was an idea
my wife had over 10 years ago so what
we tried to do was duplicate the kind of
restaurants and the hangouts that we
would go to when we were teenagers,
where you can get your Italian beef and
your Polish and your deep dish pizza.
We think it’s very authentic and we’re
educating people to what Chicago
cuisine is like. So at any given time
you’ll catch me in there, hanging out
when I have the time. It’s been fun,
and again like I said, I’ve led a very
blessed life. I do for a living what I’ve
always wanted to do since I have been
a teenager. I’m an actor. I shoot guns. I
eat Chicago food in my own restaurant.
Life’s pretty good.
Michael: And closing on that, if you
want the very, very best Chicago hot
dog in Los Angeles - Taste Chicago.