Page 19 - Outdoor Channel Program Guide Q3

Over four years in development
and tested over 4,000 miles, the
AeroHead™ is a truly revolutionary
hunting boot. It is constructed
with patent-pending AeroForm™
technology featuring a molded
polyurethane shell, which is more
durable, puncture resistant,
flexible, insulating and
lightweight than rubber.
The polyurethane won’t
crack or split and because the outsole is
chemically bonded to the upper as part of the
mold injection process, it is far more durable
than the traditional adhesive method.
In addition to AeroForm™ technology, the
AeroHead™ incorporates a number of other
beneficial features. LaCrosse’s Ankle Fit
technology ensures a secure fit on foot, the
integrated shank under the arch of the foot
provides the ultimate support while climbing in
and out of tree stands and the adjustable back
gusset allows for a personalized fit. LaCrosse
Brush Tuff bi-directional material on the upper
provides abrasion resistance, which combined
with the patent-pending shin guard design,
ensures protection against brush and briars.
Whether it is for spring turkey hunting, early
season bowhunting or setting out in the cold
during late season, there is an AeroHead™ fit to
perform in the field.
The Maxima® RED™ was built to fight the enemy
of superior, consistent accuracy - Dynamic Spine,
or the “Flexing” of an arrow in flight. Broadheads
which serve as an air foil magnify this occurrence.
The new, hi-tech carbon Maxima® RED™ is
engineered with stiffer ends to contain and control
Dynamic Spine to the center of the arrow, or the
RED ZONE”™. The result is a breakthrough in
broadhead accuracy and simply the best hunting
arrow ever created.
Key Maxima® RED™ features include:
Matched Set:
All Maxima® RED™ 6- and 12- pack sets are
sorted and matched by weight and spine for
best-in-class consistency. Spine selection sorting
tolerance is +/- 0.0025”. Weight sorting tolerance
is +/- 1.0 grains.
Real Straightness:
Every Maxima® RED™ arrow is laser checked for
straightness to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch.
Maxima® RED™ straightness of +/-0.0025” is a
maximum measurement, not an average.
LAUNCHPAD™ Precision Nock:
Standard on
all Maxima® RED™ arrows and shafts to deliver
a controlled arrow release, better shaft alignment
and more consistent accuracy shot after shot.
Best Timing Arrow Ever:
The Maxima® RED™ manages dynamic spine so
well it only takes two spine sizes to cover 40-92
lbs. bows.
Tools of the trade
Trigger Stick
gen 2
With just one hand and the pull of a trigger,
you can adjust the Primos® Trigger Stick®
to your desired height. The Trigger Stick®
is a lightweight height-adjustable gun rest
and optical gear mount, perfect for sitting,
kneeling or standing. It comes equipped
with a detachable V yoke. The Trigger Stick®
fits 1/4”-20 & 3/8”-16 threaded fixtures for
securing optical gear. It is perfect for cameras,
spotting scopes, binoculars, laser range finders
and almost any other mono, bi and tri pod
mountable device.
Includes: Wrist Strap
• 360
° Rotating V-Yoke – The rotating V-Yoke
and Fluid Twisting Handle Keeps you on Target
Removable V-Yoke – Remove V-Yoke to work
with Cameras or Spotting Scopes
Trigger Lock – With the flip of Switch you can
lock the trigger to keep your desired height
Trigger – With the pull of a trigger, you can
adjust the Trigger Sticks to your desired height
Smooth – The Trigger Stick GEN 2 features an
improved fluid handle movement
Extreme Angle Adjustments – Adjustable leg
angles allows shooting from sitting to standing
Whisper Quiet – The Trigger Stick GEN 2
coating allows for whisper quiet telescoping
leg operation at the pull of a finger
Lightweight – Stronger, Lighter 7075
aluminum legs for easy carry
The Intercept is a new kind of hunting crossbow
that’s engineered and built to enable
amazing customization and provide unmatched
adjustability right out of the box. The Intercept
is the first evolution of a new type of hunting
crossbow that gives hunters a crossbow that
feels and fits ‘just right’ and can accommodate
a variety of accessories, offering the ultimate in
The key differentiating feature of the Intercept is
the unique Picatinny platform that accommodates
most military and commercial spec AR parts
to allow hunters the ability to customize the
crossbow to their own body type, technique
and shooting style. This, combined with the
unmatched, multi-point adjustability right out of
the box, provides a consistent shooting position
which delivers repeatable performance in the
field every time.
In addition to being the most customizable
crossbow in the market, the Intercept’s slim
design allows for easy transport in the field. The
un-cocked size is 17” with a cocked size of just
With an estimated weight of slightly
more than 8lbs, staying
stealth in the field while
moving to new hunting
locations is easy. And,
while the Intercept is
compact, it is packed with power
delivering 360+FPS with a draw
weight of 185lbs. and 122 ft. lbs.
of Kinetic Energy.