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Heartland Bowhunter has found a
new home on Outdoor Channel.
After several seasons on competitor
HB) has made the switch to Outdoor
Channel – and they aren’t looking back.
The award-winning show will premiere
its sixth season in July on Outdoor
Channel. The series strives to bring a
different – and better – format and
production standard to the outdoor
television industry. Todo this, everything
is evaluated and critiqued. Camerawork,
post production, music and in-field
production are all challenged to be
different and better. And it hasn’t gone
unnoticed. Since the beginning, HB
has been flooded with support from
not only the viewers, but also industry
partners, which has allowed the series
to grow tremendously, and continually
improve the quality and production of
the show.
But beyond the eye-catching quality
and aesthetically-pleasing production,
HB is raw and real. This is a group
of friends that all share one thing in
common – filmmakers who love to hunt.
They are self taught and extremely
motivated to better themselves – and
their show – every day. And they do
this by continually pushing one another
in the field. The series is more than
just about the kill; it’s about the story
behind the animal being taken. It’s
everything that went into the hunt – the
blood, sweat, tears…the close calls, the
ups, the downs, the misses, and more.
Says star
Michael Hunsucker,
shows on TV make it look easy, and that
is far from the truth. We want people to
be able to relate to our program and
feel like our experience could happen
to them the next time they are in the
Here’s a sneak peek into some of
the new episodes you can catch this
Episode 6 - Husband and Wife Duo:
Hunsucker and his wife both kill bucks
out of the same food plot. It’s her first
buck with a bow!
Episode 8 - Giant Mule Deer: Shawn (co-
host) shoots a giant mule deer in western
Nebraska on a spot and stalk hunt.
Episode 5 - Arizona Elk: Two Arizona
elk hunts – which are very rare!
Season 6 will be no different than past
seasons as HB strives to be the most
watched outdoor television program
on their new home – Outdoor Channel.
show Spotlight
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