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For 100 years, L.L.Bean has been
pleased to share their love for the
outdoors with their customers. Today,
their commitment to the environment is
stronger than ever, and they encourage
their customers to join them in their
L.L.Bean supports outdoor conservation
and recreation and demonstrates its
outdoor leadership by contributing
to local, state, regional and national
organizations that help to protect the
environment and ensure access to
recreational opportunities. In the last
five years, the company has contributed
nearly $10 million to help promote these
programs and develop partnerships that
reflect the interests of their customers
nationwide who are active stewards of
the outdoors.
In particular, the company has a special
interest in the Appalachian Trail. In
addition to significant contributions to
the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the
Maine Appalachian Trail Club and the
Appalachian Mountain Club, L.L.Bean
employees have volunteered over
hours in 30 years of maintaining
an 18.5-mile section of the Appalachian
Trail in Maine.
In addition to local, state and national
conservation groups, L.L.Bean is
committed to supporting dozens of
health and human service agencies,
education partnerships and culture
and arts organizations within the
communities where the majority of
employees live and work. L.L.Bean has
donated nearly $3.5 million to health
and human service organizations in the
past five years.
L.L.Bean has contributed significantly
to other important partners in
conservation whose missions include
land acquisition and expansion of
stewardship programs. They have a
particular interest in supporting groups
that engage young people in outdoor
recreation, and model and encourage
stewardship of their natural resources.
These serve as examples of L.L.Bean’s
commitment to ensuring access to
quality outdoor experiences.
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