Page 7 - Outdoor Channel Program Guide Q3

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What does the Under Armour brand
represent in the hunting industry?
The Under Armour brand represents
the ability to make all athletes/hunters
perform better in all aspects of hunting in
every environment. They strive to always
be on the cutting edge of the industry
and innovation and produce the highest
quality hunting gear available.
Explain the Ridge Reaper line.
The Under Armour Ridge Reaper
line is a collection of innovative, high
performance hunting apparel and
footwear. It is designed specifically for
the western hunter, with the activity of
the western hunt in mind and is built to
keep you cool, dry and comfortable in
any situation. Your hunting apparel and
footwear is just as important as your bow
or gun and can be a key factor in the
success of your hunt.
What can OC viewers expect from the
new show?
They can expect to see hard core hunting
of mostly Western Big Game. We hunt
with every weapon and strive to harvest
the best animals we can find. We live to
hunt trophy big game in any environment
and I think that will resonate with the
How is UARR different than other
hunting shows?
Under Armour Ridge Reaper is comprised
mostly of Western hunts in Alaska,
Canada, Western U.S., and Mexico. We
concentrate the majority of our hunting
efforts in areas that have world class
trophy potential - you can’t kill them if
they don’t exist. There is nothing like the
feeling of wrapping your hands around a
hard earned trophy. Hunting world class
animals consistently requires a year-round
commitment including applying for tags,
shed hunting, scouting, and training.
Every show will have a kill scene if not
multiple kill scenes. Every hunting show
has its niche. I enjoy them all.
Any stories from this season that stood
out to you?
A buddy of mine and I were hunting Mule
deer in Mexico. We had our eyes set on
a couple bucks that we knew were alive
the year before and had trailcam pics
of this year. One was a non-typical and
the other was a world class typical. The
typical proved to be extremely tough to
relocate and when we least expected it
we found him and finished the deal! The
ranch owner is one of the most genuine,
down to earth people I’ve ever met. He
loves the deer and this particular deer he
named Mario Jr. - after himself! When we
realized what deer we killed, tears came
to his eyes and he started throwing his
pocket change in the air shouting praises
to the ranch....words can’t describe the
feeling we had that evening!
What is your most memorable hunt and
I hunted a buck for 2 years during archery
season on public land near my house.
He disappeared the first year after an
unsuccessful stalk so I killed the deer
running with him which scored 221”. On
year 2 he was bigger than ever. After
several unsuccessful stalks and 9 days I
was finally within bow range of the stand
of trees he was bedded in. I sat in the
blistering sun with no water for 7 hours
and waited for him to get up out of his
Luckily he got up and fed out in front of
me and I threaded him. I felt like I had won
the super bowl but was so emotionally
and physically drained I could hardly
stand up! He gross scored 248” and had
mass like your forearms.
What is the biggest trophy you’ve
I was very fortunate to cut my tag on a
Mule deer that scored 271 gross B&C
and netted 262 4/8”. He was 11x13 and
wide. It was a public land hunt with
a couple of my best friends. The hunt
was extremely physical requiring us to
walk miles in the sand for days. At the kill
scene we were hoarse from celebrating.
We started a fire and spent hours into the
night reliving the hunt and field dressing
him. None of us will ever forget that day!