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Michael Shawn Hickenbottom was born
July 22, 1965 at Williams Air Force Base
in Chandler, Arizona. As a member of a
military family, he moved many times as
a youngster before finally settling in San
Antonio, Texas.
Michaels made his national-level debut
into the world of wrestling at the ripe
old age of 20 and today is a WWE
Ambassador. What many people don’t
know about Michaels is the only things
that rival his passion for wrestling are
the love of his family, faith and the great
Michaels is part of a successful duo
that has a hunting series on Outdoor
Channel – Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan
River Adventures. With two seasons
under their belts, Michaels, and co-
host Keith Mark, are back for another
round. “If you think the last couple of
years were exciting, you haven’t seen
anything yet!” Shawn recently said. “I
am so excited for my fans and friends
to share with Keith and I these new, and
I really believe, better, adventures!”
Shawn added.
As they hunt in some of the most
pristine hunting destinations in the
world, season three will feature a show
dedicated to American freedoms, a
couple “very close” Yukon Moose
encounters at the real MacMillan River
Adventures, a heart-touching hunt with
Outdoor Adventure Foundation friends,
some surprises with some of Shawn’s old
WWE friends, and many more exciting
adventures as they promote faith, family,
friendship, conservation, and the values
of living a hunting lifestyle.
I am so happy that the outdoor and
hunting community has acceptedme like
they have. I think they now are starting
to understand just how passionate I am
about the hunting lifestyle my family
and I live as well as my willingness to get
in the fight on the critical conservation
and Second Amendment efforts!” Make
no bones about it, Shawn Michaels is in
the outdoor world to stay!
Catch all-new episodes of Shawn
Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures
on Tuesdays at 11:30p ET/8:30p PT.
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