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Media Kit - Our Brand

Outdoor Channel is America's premier on-air and online destination for people with a passion for the outdoor lifestyle.

An America Tradition

Outdoor enthusiasts make us their choice for programs that reflect both their way of life and their varied interests. Featuring the biggest on-air celebrities and sought-after entertainment brands in the outdoor entertainment industry, Outdoor Channel offers a unique blend of programs that are as educational as they are entertaining. For over 15 years, Outdoor Channel has been a pioneer in the industry and it continues to be the innovating leader for quality outdoor entertainment. The channel promotes the traditional outdoor activities that are a vital part of our national heritage including fishing, hunting and shooting sports. The programs are designed to appeal to "traditional sportsmen" of all ages with a focus on activities that the entire family can enjoy in the great outdoors. The combination of thrilling content, original programming, HD simulcasting, and a first class broadband offering means that Outdoor Channel dominates an editorial category that boasts nearly 90 million enthusiasts who spend around $120 billion a year on outdoor activities.