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  • Outdoor Channel pro Jim Shockey poses with an admiring fan at the Archery Trade Association show in Nashville.  (Craig Lamb photo)
    News : Posted 01-08-2014

    Stars Come Out at ATA

    The stars came out on Day Two of the Archery Trade Association show, and many are there to show off new products.   Read More

  • (Courtesy of The Hunt with Greg and Jake)
    News : Posted 01-07-2014

    Do-It-Yourself Bow Hunting

    This past November, Jake Miller accomplished what many hunters can only hope to accomplish in a lifetime. And he did it in eight days! In the heart of the whitetail season, Jake pulled out all of the stops, while also filming and producing for "THE HUNT with Greg & Jake."   Read More

  • The 2014 Archery Trade Association show is just moments away from opening at the Music City Center in Nashville. (Craig Lamb photo)
    News : Posted 01-07-2014

    Big Show For The Bow

    The Archery Trade Association show is the largest of its kind in the sport of bow hunting. This year's show, featuring nearly 600 booths and close to 12,000 attendees, is Jan. 6-8 at the new Music City Center.   Read More

  • Five-time Olympian Khatuna Lorig (right) coached actress Jennifer Lawrence for “The Hunger Games.”
    Story : Posted 11-20-2013

    Archery 'Catching Fire'

    From side braids to "Capitol" fashion and makeup, "The Hunger Games" franchise has influenced teen culture in numerous ways, but staggering growth statistics from USA Archery show that the sport of archery could be the biggest winner of all.   Read More

  • Ralph Cianciarulo of “Archer's Choice.”
    Story : Posted 09-06-2013

    Bow Hunting Tips: Broadhead Ins and Outs

    Bow hunters need a good exit strategy, especially if they've ever left an arrow sticking in a deer. Ralph Cianciarulo of “Archer's Choice” said one of his bow hunting tips is to match their kinetic energy to the broadhead selection.   Read More

  • Jerrell Dodson sits his office at Archer's Advantage in Little Rock after a full day helping outfit bow hunters from across the state. (Mike Suchan photo)
    HowTo : Posted 08-31-2013

    6 Tips Bowhunters Should Know

    As an owner of Archer's Advantage, Jerrell Dodson's been selling bows and archery equipment for more than 20 years and “using much longer.” If you need bow hunting tips, he's the one to ask.   Read More