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  • Sands Expo in Las Vegas. (James Overstreet photo)
    Story : Posted 02-05-2014

    SHOT Show® to Stay at Sands Expo through 2018

    The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) followed up its recently concluded, record-setting Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show™ (SHOT Show®) by adding another year to its agreement with Sands Expo in Las Vegas.   Read More

  • MidwayUSA's Potterfield credits wife with GMA Lifetime Award
    News : Posted 01-23-2014

    A Lifetime with Brenda

    Larry Potterfield wore a yellow jacket, one given to him by the NRA because he “gave them a lot of money.” His wife, Brenda, has one too, but she wasn't wearing hers because Larry said he thinks she looks better in red.   Read More

  • 'Boss Hogg' Willie Robertson from Outdoor Channel's "Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour."
    News : Posted 01-22-2014

    Fun and Funnier at GMA (2014)

    Willie Robertson blocked a lot of folks from getting into the 14th Annual Golden Moose Awards powered by Ram Trucks. It had nothing to do with his stoutness, just his celebrity.   Read More

  • Attendance record points to another strong year for industry at SHOT Show 2014
    Story : Posted 01-21-2014

    Mark Falls At SHOT 2014

    Attracting industry professionals from the United States and more than 100 other countries, the SHOT Show shattered attendance records last week, giving industry professionals good reason to believe that 2014 will be another strong year for sales of firearms, ammunition, outdoor gear and law enforcement equipment.   Read More

  • Jim Shockey accepts another GMA and talks about Corey Knowlton (third from right), who's received death threats. (James Overstreet photo)
    News : Posted 01-21-2014

    Standing Up To Antis

    While celebrating its annual awards show, the Outdoor Channel circled the wagons against anti-hunters and Second Amendment opposition.   Read More

  • Pat and Nicole Reeve meet fans at the outdoor Channel booth. (Mike Suchan photo)
    News : Posted 01-17-2014

    Being A Fan Of The Fans

    Alas, hunting season is all but over most places, but for Outdoor Channel personalities like Pat and Nicole Reeve, the next season is just as rewarding.   Read More

  • NSSF seminar provides tips on marketing to women
    News : Posted 01-16-2014

    Not All Women Like Pink

    “Not all women like pink.” That message drew rousing applause from attendees of a Marketing to Women seminar at the SHOT Show Wednesday.   Read More

  • Keith Mark and Shawn Michaels, hosts of "Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures"
    News : Posted 01-16-2014

    Show Stopper Revives MRA

    Keith Mark just wanted to meet WWE wrestling star Shawn Michaels. He had no idea The Show Stopper would end up being his show reviver.   Read More

  • Jim Shockey's The Professionals pose with their four Golden Moose Awards.
    News : Posted 01-16-2014

    The Professionals Score Four

    Jim Shockey's The Professionals walk off with four Golden Moose Awards while Ted Nugent again garners Fan Favorite Best Overall series   Read More

  • Introducing the Raven MPV, the only mower, generator and multipurpose vehicle in one. The unit is covered in True Timber camo. (James Overstreet photo)
    Gear : Posted 01-15-2014

    Mow, Glow, Go To and Fro

    At first glance, it looks like just a camo lawnmower. Closer inspection at the True Timber booth shows it's much, much more. The Raven MPV switches from lawnmower to ATV by pulling three pins holding the deck.   Read More

  • You can restore the factory finish on your weapon with Cerakote Firearms Coating. (James Overstreet photo)
    News : Posted 01-15-2014

    Camo Your Weapon

    The checkered walnut, the standard rifle of your father, is being replaced more and more with camo designs that match that particular region.   Read More

  • The crew from the Bone Collector television show, Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt and Travis ‘T-Bone' Turner joined host Tommy Sanders today for a live segment from the SHOT Show floor. (James Overstreet photo)
    News : Posted 01-15-2014

    Bone Collectors Live

    The crew from the Bone Collector television show, Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt and Travis ‘T-Bone' Turner joined host Tommy Sanders today for a live segment from the SHOT Show floor. (James Overstreet photo)   Read More

  • R. Lee Ermey poses with a visitor to the SOG Specialty Knives booth. (Mike Suchan photo)
    News : Posted 01-14-2014

    Business of Drawing Business

    The SHOT Show is all about the business of the industry. Walking by booth after booth, there are various methods to attract the attention of buyers and media. R. Lee Ermey, better known as Gunny from “Full Metal Jacket” was lending his draw at the SOG Specialty Knives booth.   Read More

  • The Benelli booth at the SHOT Show took a multi-layered approach. (James Overstreet photo)
    News : Posted 01-14-2014

    Art Meets Tech in Ethos

    In the myriad of booths in the firearms and ammunitions section, where guns were stacked in every sort of manner, the display for Benelli's Ethos stood out.   Read More

  • Surefire's off road buggy will get you to the rough places in the desert or backcountry. (James Overstreet photo)
    News : Posted 01-14-2014

    Extreme Machines at SHOT Show

    There's tons of gun and gears at the SHOT Show, and a number of ways to carry it all around so you can use.   Read More

  • The weather was perfect for a day spent at the range. (James Overstreet photo)
    News : Posted 01-13-2014

    Feel It In The Air Tonight

    If you were to close your eyes in the middle of the desert right outside of Boulder City, you could easily imagine yourself on the edge of a war zone.   Read More

  • Ruger Hands the Reins to Rimfire Challenge to NSSF
    Story : Posted 01-13-2014

    Ruger Hands the Reins to Rimfire Challenge to NSSF

    The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is pleased to announce that as of October 15, 2013, it has assumed administrative responsibilities for the Ruger Rimfire Challenge—now to be known as the NSSF Rimfire Challenge.   Read More

  • Outdoor Channel at SHOT Show 2014
    News : Posted 01-10-2014

    Outdoor Channel at SHOT Show 2014

    Outdoor Channel is kicking off the New Year as the pinnacle sponsor of the National Shooting Sports Foundation's annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show and Conference, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 14-17.   Read More

  • "Original Henry Rifle" Selected as 2014 SHOT Show Rifle
    Gear : Posted 01-09-2014

    "Original Henry Rifle" Selected as 2014 SHOT Show Rifle

    The names Henry and Henry Repeating Rifle have echoed through the annals of the American firearms industry since 1860 and the Henry name has taken center stage again as a historic rifle created in tribute to B. Tyler Henry has been selected as the 2014 SHOT Show Auction rifle.   Read More

  • 2014 SHOT Show at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas. (James Overstreet photo)
    News : Posted 01-09-2014

    SHOT Show Live on OC

    Can't get to the SHOT Show? We'll bring it to you live on Jan. 14-17 at 8:25 a.m. PT. Host Tommy Sanders will give a show rundown before the doors open at the Sands Expo and Convention Center at 8:30 a.m. PT.   Read More

  • Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger
    Gear : Posted 01-08-2014

    Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger

    The Caldwell AR Mag Charger revolutionizes the way ammo is handled and loaded into AR-15 magazines. It is designed to accept 50 loaded rounds directly from any common 50 round ammo manufacturer box or from aftermarket 50 round plastic storage boxes.   Read More

  • Benelli Presents The ETHOS - The Perfect Balance of Art and Technology
    Gear : Posted 01-06-2014

    Benelli Presents The ETHOS

    Benelli proudly presents the next generation of its Inertia Driven autoloaders. This elegant new semiautomatic 12-gauge shotgun is called the ETHOS—the perfect balance of art and technology.   Read More

  • Gamo® Outdoor USA
    Story : Posted 01-06-2014

    Gamo Outdoor USA Announces Its Participation In The 2014 SHOT Show

    Gamo® Outdoor USA is pleased to announce it will be attending the 2014 SHOT Show industry event in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 14-17, 2014. Gamo will officially launch a number of new products and technologies at it's booth #11053 located in the main exhibition hall.   Read More

  • 36th SHOT Show® Brings Together Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor and Law Enforcement Industry Professionals
    Story : Posted 01-06-2014

    36th SHOT Show® Brings Outdoor Industry Professionals Together

    The 36th edition of the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade ShowTM (SHOT Show®) will take place January 14-17 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center. More than 60,000 industry professionals are expected to attend.   Read More

  • Benelli SuperSport Shotgun
    Gear : Posted 01-01-2014

    Benelli SuperSport Shotgun

    The sleek SuperSport shotgun is a race gun suited for any clays course. The original SuperSport is offered in 12- and 20-gauge. The Vinci SuperSport is available in 12-gauge.   Read More

  • Stag Arms New Model 3T & 3T-M Tactical Rifles
    Gear : Posted 12-11-2013

    Stag Arms New Model 3T & 3T-M Tactical Rifles

    Incorporating the evolution of shooting tactics and rifle accessory technology we created our newest rifle. The new Model 3T AR-15 style rifle provides the shooter with a rifle that is readily usable with many of today's shooting styles. Utilizing these rifles, shooters are able to produce fast and accurate shots from close to long range as is needed in tactical situations and competitions.   Read More

  • Joker Knives to Debut At Shot Show 2014
    Gear : Posted 12-09-2013

    Joker Knives to Debut At Shot Show 2014

    Gamo® Outdoor USA ( will debut Joker Hunting Knives of Spain ( at SHOT Show 2014, after signing an exclusive distribution agreement for the USA market.   Read More

  • Rail Sling Mount
    Gear : Posted 12-07-2013

    Rail Sling Mount

    The SMR is strong and silent. It mounts to ant mil std. 1913 rail. The SMR is bullet machined aluminum and anodized.   Read More

  • Constant Carry Carbine (C3)
    Gear : Posted 12-06-2013

    Constant Carry Carbine (C3)

    The Constant Carry Carbine is the ultimate lightweight carbine. At only 5.5lbs, DSC has created one of the most versatile AR-15's available. The ultra-lightweight makes it an ideal beginner's AR, duty rifle, or bugout weapon.   Read More

  • 870 Receiver Block
    Gear : Posted 12-05-2013

    870 Receiver Block

    The 870RB is for Remington 870 Shotgun. No modification is required for installation. The 870RB includes an A2 Pistol Grip. Allows use of Ace modular buttstocks and folding mechanisms.   Read More

  • Mossberg 500/590 Receiver Block
    Gear : Posted 12-04-2013

    Mossberg 500/590 Receiver Block

    The 500RB is for Mossberg. No modification is required for installation. The 500RB includes an A2 Pistol Grip. Allows use of Ace modular buttstocks and folding mechanisms.   Read More

  • 1911 Combat Pistol
    Gear : Posted 12-03-2013

    1911 Combat Pistol

    Dehorned for added comfort while carrying concealed Undercut trigger guard Storm Lake Barrel Novak Low Mount Sights Ed Brown Memory Groove Grip Safety Forged Frame Available with and without light rail More models available Spring 2014   Read More

  • 3 Gun Rifle (3GR)
    Gear : Posted 12-02-2013

    3 Gun Rifle (3GR)

    The DSC 3 Gun Rifle is the total package for 3 Gun competitors. Used as a stage gun on “3 Gun Nation”, the 3 Gun Rifle has all the characteristics the big boys are using. Every part of this rifle was designed with the competitor in mind.   Read More

  • Super Match Rifle
    Gear : Posted 12-01-2013

    Super Match Rifle

    DSC's Super Match Rifle is among the elite in accuracy among bull barreled target shooters. Its 24” 1x8 or 1x10 twist 416 stainless steel barrel allows DSC to guarantee 1” group or less with quality ammunition. If you are looking for an accurate AR15, this is the one for you!   Read More

  • ARFX Skeleton Stocks
    Gear : Posted 11-30-2013

    ARFX Skeleton Stocks

    The ARFX is an anodized aluminum tock that is lighter that a standard stock and still retains high strength and durability. The ARFX offers 4 different sling positions. Rifle length does not include a buffer tube.   Read More

  • Midnight Dragon
    Gear : Posted 11-29-2013

    Midnight Dragon

    In the ever-changing AR15 market, DoubleStar continues to be innovative with their release of the new Midnight Dragon. This rifle is geared toward the target and varmint hunting crowd with its 24” spiral fluted, nitride coated stainless barrel.   Read More

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