The 14th Annual Golden Moose Awards | Event Stories | Outdoor Channel
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  • MidwayUSA's Potterfield credits wife with GMA Lifetime Award
    News : Posted 01-23-2014

    A Lifetime with Brenda

    Larry Potterfield wore a yellow jacket, one given to him by the NRA because he “gave them a lot of money.” His wife, Brenda, has one too, but she wasn't wearing hers because Larry said he thinks she looks better in red.   Read More

  • 'Boss Hogg' Willie Robertson from Outdoor Channel's "Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour."
    News : Posted 01-22-2014

    Fun and Funnier at GMA (2014)

    Willie Robertson blocked a lot of folks from getting into the 14th Annual Golden Moose Awards powered by Ram Trucks. It had nothing to do with his stoutness, just his celebrity.   Read More

  • Jim Shockey accepts another GMA and talks about Corey Knowlton (third from right), who's received death threats. (James Overstreet photo)
    News : Posted 01-21-2014

    Standing Up To Antis

    While celebrating its annual awards show, the Outdoor Channel circled the wagons against anti-hunters and Second Amendment opposition.   Read More

  • Jim Shockey's The Professionals pose with their four Golden Moose Awards.
    News : Posted 01-16-2014

    The Professionals Score Four

    Jim Shockey's The Professionals walk off with four Golden Moose Awards while Ted Nugent again garners Fan Favorite Best Overall series   Read More