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  • Give Me A Light
    Gear : Posted 01-23-2013

    Give Me A Light

    It seemed most manufacturers at the SHOT Show introduced a new, better, brighter, smaller, long-lasting illuminator of some kind.   Read More

  • SHOT Show brought lines of people to exhibitors' booths. (James Overstreet photo)
    Story : Posted 01-22-2013

    SHOT Show Sets Attendance Record

    The SHOT Show concluded four successful days at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, setting new attendance records and marking the 35th anniversary of the event.   Read More

  • Jim Shockey's The Professionals won three awards.
    Story : Posted 01-18-2013

    And The Moose Goes To…

    Jim Shockey's The Professionals was the big winner at the 13th Annual Golden Moose Awards on Thursday night. After hauling in best sound design and best videography, The Professionals came away as the Best Overall show award.   Read More

  • Story : Posted 01-17-2013

    Cool Rides at SHOT

    You've seen the tricked out new products from SHOT Show 2013 in our photo galleries, now take a look at the juiced-up vehicles that were on the floor.   Read More

  • Survivor Firestarters can even do it in the rain. (James Overstreet photo)
    Gear : Posted 01-17-2013

    C'mon Baby Light My Fire

    Matches all wet? Too tired to try the stick and bow method?   Read More

  • Fancy Pistol Play
    HowTo : Posted 01-17-2013

    Fancy Pistol Play

    One sure-fire way to draw a crowd on the SHOT Show floor is to invite a guest that is really good with a gun to stop by for a visit at your display, like trick gunslinger Joe Dillon.   Read More

  • There's a lot of money spent on hunting trips. (Mike Suchan photo)
    Story : Posted 01-17-2013

    New Strength in Numbers

    It appears there's new life in the great outdoors. Some of the best news from the 2013 SHOT Show was unveiled in a mountain of statistics Thursday. Hunters and anglers have more strength in these new numbers.   Read More

  • A crowd at the SHOT Show watches Obama's address.
    Story : Posted 01-16-2013

    Been Here, Done That

    President Obama's new gun proposals announcement was watched on a big screen at the SHOT Show. The reaction of attendees was heated, but as one pointed out, "The more they try to restrict these guns, the more people want them."   Read More

  • NSSF Statement on Proposed Gun Measures
    Story : Posted 01-16-2013

    NSSF Statement on Proposed Gun Measures

    The National Shooting Sports Foundation is reviewing Vice President Biden's gun control recommendations with an open mind in hopes they will offer real means of achieving our shared goal.   Read More

  • 15 Little Things With Big Bang
    Gear : Posted 01-16-2013

    15 Little Things With Big Bang

    The bigger the better. Well, not always. Here are 15 products that show big things can come in small packages.   Read More

  • Did Your Dog Bark Today?
    Gear : Posted 01-15-2013

    Did Your Dog Bark Today?

    High-tech redneck has rocketed into the stratosphere at the 35th annual SHOT Show. Not only can you now electronically track your dog, you can find out how many times he barked that particular day.   Read More

  • All different news types of camo were revealed at the SHOT Show. (James Overstreet photo)
    Gear : Posted 01-15-2013

    Companies Reveal Products to Conceal

    Camouflage has become a fashion statement to much of the world, but in the outdoors it not only has to be fashionable but also functional. All the latest and greatest in the camo world is here at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.   Read More

  • Media members spent thousands of rounds during the SHOT Show 2013 Media Day at the Range. (James Overstreet photo)
    Story : Posted 01-14-2013

    Media Day in Baghdad

    Neither 30-degree temperatures, nor 20-mile-an-hour north winds, nor a 35-mile drive away from Las Vegas could keep the media from one of its most popular rounds at the annual SHOT Show, Media Day at the Range.   Read More

  • Making A (Deer) Stand
    Gear : Posted 01-13-2013

    Making A (Deer) Stand

    The hunting world has come a long way since a hunting stand was as simple as a comfortable stump or two boards nailed between the “Y” of a tree. That's proven many times over throughout the aisles of SHOT Show 2013.   Read More

  • EOTech XPS2-300 Holographic Weapon Sight
    Gear : Posted 12-10-2012

    EOTech XPS2-300 Holographic Weapon Sight

    The EOTech XPS2-300 Holographic Weapon Sight was designed with tactical shooters in mind.   Read More

  • Trijicon CCAS
    Gear : Posted 12-10-2012

    Trijicon CCAS

    The Trijicon CCAS (Continuously Computed Aiming Solution) accurately computes a corrected aiming point based on current environmental conditions...   Read More

  • Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO)
    Gear : Posted 11-15-2012

    Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO)

    The Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) is ready for duty. The Aimpoint PRO incorporates many never before seen features to maximize this sight's performance within the challenging conditions faced by modern law enforcement.   Read More

  • Stag Arms Model 8T & 8TL tactical piston carbines
    Gear : Posted 11-15-2012

    Stag Arms Model 8T & 8TL tactical piston carbines

    The new Stag Arms Model 8T & 8TL tactical piston carbines continue the Stag Arm's tradition of creating models based upon customer demand.   Read More

  • Taurus Millennium G2
    Gear : Posted 11-15-2012

    Taurus Millennium G2

    With its lightweight 22 oz. polymer frame, thin profile, and ramped 3.2 inch barrel, the newly designed Millennium G2 is the ideal concealed carry handgun.   Read More

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