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Gear Posted 05-03-2013

Rifles, Pistols & Shotguns Flood NRA Convention

Pirate Pistols, Revolutionary Shotguns and Buffalo Rifles at NRA Convention

Rifles, Pistols & Shotguns Flood NRA Convention A Peugeot Shotgun at the NRA Antique Guns and Gold Showcase opens in Houston, Texas.

By: Lars Dalseide, NRAblog.com

From NRAblog.com

HOUSTON -- With great old guns comes great responsibilities. Okay, so that's a touch too close to Spiderman, but the principal is pretty much the same. But let's go a step further. That's accept the face that with great old guns come great old stories. And there there plenty of great stories to be had yesterday at the NRA Antique Guns and Gold Showcase.

Manned by experts throughout the firearm industry, including Guns & Ammo writers and Blue Book of Gun Values publishers (along with a few cats from the National Firearms Museum), the Antique Guns and Gold Showcase was an opportunity for people to bring in that rifle, pistol or shotgun that's be sitting in the closet for ages and find out what it's worth. Better yet, some even had a story to go along with the guns.

One great tale came for a young lady who brought in her father's shotgun.

"We found it when we cleaned out my mother's house. My dad sold truck parts and I'm sure that he traded some part for this gun somewhere down the line. Course we had no idea what it was so we brought it here and found out it's a Darne."

"Our expert here, Steve I think his name is, said we need to take this to an auction house and we should come back with a tidy sum."

The NRA Antique Guns and Gold Showcase opens in Houston, Texas

Another one dates back to the Mexican Revolution.

"My Grandfather used this shotgun to fight off revolutionaries during the Mexican Revolution," said one Texas native. "They came into town, started shooting things up, and he protected his home and my grandmother with this shotgun.

"Years later, my mother used it to fight off a robber. So this gun has a very important history with my family. It helped protect generations."

Others arrived with claims of famous outlaws, legendary movie stars, wild west shootouts and even a pirate tale or two. Frankly, there was so much going on that we probably missed some real treasures.

A Chicken Street Pirate Pistol at the NRA Antique Guns and Gold Showcase opens in Houston, Texas

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