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Gear Posted 05-07-2013

Walking Through the First Day of NRA's Annual Meeting

First day of the NRA Annual Meeting brings out the best in firearms and more

Walking Through the First Day of NRA Vintage reproduction rifles at the NRA Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas.

By: Lars Dalseide, NRAblog.com

From NRAblog.com

HOUSTON -- Day One is always filled with promise. Around the corner is the promise of something new. Something new to see, to do, to experience.

At the NRA's Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston, the new finds a home in the midst of pistols, rifles, knives, targets and more. What could be better than more. And there is always more.

More rifles with a lighter barrel or better scope or an adjustable stock. Most knives with a more durable blade, better steel or a customizable grip. Waterproof seals, unbreakable locks, unbeatable coverage or a hunting trip of a lifetime. You can find it all here.

A walk through the George R. Brown Convention Center brings forth that promise of possibilities. Can I add this to my collection, to my safaris left to schedule or to the programs in my club. Between the firearm manufacturers, the outdoor gear, hunting equipment and targeting systems, it's difficult to figure out which way to turn first.

Once you decide upon your path, the best course of action is to move forward. Move up and down the aisles as quickly as you can. Don't stop, don't wait, don't linger around a specific table or two because you'll be lost. With 40,000 more square feet of vendor space than last year's convention in St. Louis, there's just too much to see. The good news is you still have two days. Two days to make it through the meetings, the seminars and everyone who's staked out a claim on the convention floor. The only question now is ... are two days enough?

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