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News Posted 01-14-2014

Extreme Machines at SHOT Show

The wild, crazy and cool vehicles showcased on the floor

Extreme Machines at SHOT Show Surefire's off road buggy will get you to the rough places in the desert or backcountry. (James Overstreet photo)

LAS VEGAS – There’s tons of gun and gears at the SHOT Show, and a number of ways to carry it all around so you can use.

The vehicular presence is strong, and it’s of the suped-up, over-the-top variety. Of course, nearly anything tricked out with all the bells and whistles is greatly appreciated from the aficionados to the casual observer.

So to see some of the extreme machines we found on the floor, click the image.
The 2014 Dodge Promaster can be used as a hunting vehicle. (James Overstreet photo)

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